Y_R 27_980-376
Player Unknown
Faction The State
Species Human
Age 45
Current Residence Capital
Place of Origin The State
Status Alive

Specialty Selective Media Presentation, Opinion Management, Propaganda Mechanics
Happiness through compliance.

Description Edit

Y_R (also known as Wire) is a senior governmental advisor and State Functionary appointed to the Ministry of Growth and Renewal. Although the Minister of Growth and Renewal is the ostensible overseer of all FACs falling under this category, the role is performed by Y_R. There are several notable FACs under his jurisdiction; these include FAIR-CO, PYTHTECH, AJCO, and SNOW-CO amongst others.

Y_R is notable as being the voice of both the telescreen broadcasts used in PRI-FAC conditioning, and as the voice of the intellectual conditioning regime used in the final stage of Furtherance. Y_R's voice is also used in the State's punitive corrective therapies. Wards, particularly those that have gone intense or repeated conditioning, are both traumatized and helplessly seduced by his voice, and are likely to obey his instruction without full cognizance of why.

His Furtherances are concerned with social influence, coercion, and psychological manipulation. A meticulous and controlling man, Y_R will advance his own personal agenda at any cost. He is a successful psychopath.

Y_R is a strong and physically robust man, over six feet tall. He never removes his spectacles, wears an elasticated tie, and is always accompanied by his stenographer and typist, D_R.

Personality Edit

Quiet, reasonable, and rational, Y_R is by outward appearances a typical, professional Ward of the State. Inwardly, he is a man obsessed with control. People, Facilities, and the Ministry are all within his grip. In a world whose media is strictly governed and distorted, Y_R is the man responsible for ordering vicious rumours, political sideshows, and cruel public denouncements. He has compiled files on all personnel operating under the Growth and Renewal Facilities, and has enough material, both real and fabricated, to call down an Audit upon any of them.

Y_R has a pleasant, measured, instructive voice. He is thorough and capable in his work, and comfortable using others, particularly Wards, as instruments to further his objective. He has plans to dispose of the Minister, but will not whilst he remains a useful figurehead for the Ministry. Y_R has a strong, obsessive attachment to D_R.

Furtherance Edit

Early life Edit

The Ministry Edit

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