Player Unndis
Faction Unaffiliated
Species Wisp/Human
Age  ????
Current Residence Astral Valley
Status alive

Specialty Thaumaturgy
Height 5'6


Unndis typically wears worn travelling clothes that comprise of blue shorts, a blue linen shirt and a brown vest, suspenders and heavy walking boots. She found them when she first arrived and has grown quite attached to the outfit. The goggles were added much later, liking how they kept her bushy short  hair out of her face and how useful they are for protecting her eyes. A large tattoo adorns her back that resembles the aspect symbol Auram/Aura.

Unndis is of average height, with toned muscles from her adventuring around the lands and seas of the world. Her skin has been permenently tanned form her being constantly in the sun, and mildly scarred as her talents with weapons is somewhat subpar, thought that does not stop her from heading in first for a fight.

She speaks simply, sometimes missing words in sentences, misunderstanding comments of others and stumbling over herself when she tries to explain her actions.


Unndischarref2 by cerebrobullets-d7mfe3a

Reference photo of Unndis in her usualy outfit. Also sample of her back tattoo and sexy tan lines. art by CerebroBullet

Unndis is very headstrong and believes that she is able to handle any sort of situation that she faces, even if it would clearly be out of her usual depth. When it comes to trying to deal with words though, she falls short and becomes easily frustrated when she is not understood after a time. Trading with villagers, making new friends or even trying to hold a regular conversation sometimes can be difficult when it reaches a point that neither party can understand the other. Due to her low conversational and language skills she finds it hard to make and keep friends, CB being the only constant one in her life.  She can be very physical when it comes to showing affection, punching her friends in the shoulder, slapping backs, pats on the heads and even kissing cheeks or heads if f eeling particular happy. 

When she is researching new magical items and tools, Unndis sometimes only focuses on that, and tunes out what is happening around her until she has finished the research on her table, or until she runs out as aspects to use on the research. 

Early LifeEdit

Unndis started her life as a wisp, guarding one of the many altars that dotted the world and the treasures it held. She had no name at this point in her life and barely any reason for living accept to appear when intruders stayed for too long at her altar. She guarded it for the Mother, a being of immense power that lives beyond the viel and commands wisps to guard altars and gather the life force of any who trespass for their own gain. 

During one of her summoned to her altar, something struck her, like lightening. She remembers feels like her entire being was burning and being strenched and pulled and all the while she could only see a blankness around her. Unndis awoke sometime later, and finding herself encased in a new fleshy body. After nearly an hour of figuring out how to get on her new feet, she finally stood and looked around herself. The body of a woman laid nearby, any other features about her blackened by terrible burns all over her body. Yet strangely her clothes app

eared to have survived the ordeal. Unndis took this for herself. It took another hour to work out how to put on pants and a shirt. She did not even bother with the boots. 

Unndis spent the following months wandering the land, meeting other travellers who would try and teach her various skills when they noticed she was clueless on the most basic of things. The first time she made it to a village, she found an old copy of a Thaumonomicon in one of the buildings she raided and found she really understood what was written in it, unlike with other books. A lot of the magic came naturally to her and was soon practicing Thaumaturgy with gusto. She had to abandon living in or around villages as the villagers did not like the flux disturbances that occur in her early studies. 

Unndis met CB in one of her wanderings for the first time in a deep cave. He had somehow gotten himself stuck, and with help from her and her magic, they two of them were able to reach top side again. After that they had met several times, at as rivals of sort, always trying to claim land before the other. The more times they met however, their relationship turned into a sort of friendship and were soon helping defend one another in fights against mobs and other adventurers who tried to steal from them. 


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