The AJCO world has a variety of different stories being told within its borders, and while being a bit dreadful is rather a major element, we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with the content created. Things can get very dark in a variety of ways, so please use the table below as a reference for trigger warnings that have been requested by the community, or are just good practise to use.

If there are any missing, or any additions you think need to go on, we have a google-document set up to allow anonymous editing, which is here. Additions will be added to this wiki by Ento or another editor, so adding them in is anonymous.

Please use this list as a reference when thinking what to tag your RPs, fics, or art. If you have any elements planned in a Minecraft RP that is likely to include any of these themes, please indicate before the [start] so that anyone not comfortable with them has time to leave.

If you feel that something needs to be tagged, and isn't, please do check with the admins or the players, as oversights or accidental squick is easy to tag or edit!

'Specific Injury' is a sub-category of specifically-requested things to tag. These can come under broader warnings, but have been specifically highlighted as a concern for a player.


Table of warnings
Trigger Description / specifics Tag
Blood Descriptions or depictions of blood Blood
Body discharge Vomit, urine etc Body fluids
Body horror (corruption) Loss of integrety; supernatural or basically 'weird' body horror; disease effects Body horror & corruption
Body horror (deformation) Graphic or detailed descriptions of damage to bodies / limbs; physical distortion of bodies Body deformation
Bowel disease / gut injury Specific injury Gut injury
Chronic / long term illness Especially e.g. Cancers Illness (or the specific e.g. Cancer)
Coercion Characters being forced or coerced into actions, by other characters. Coercion
Cremation / burning of living things Graphic or overly detailed descriptions of cremation or seting living things on fire. Burning
Depression Depressive thoughts or states of characters Depression
Dissociative states Occurrance of dissociative mental states Dissociation
Drug dependency Abuse or dependence on drugs; or drug-like equivalents; additictions Addictions
Explicit language Particularly e.g. swearing / crude language Explicit
Eye injury Specific injury Eye injury
Gore Inside bits on the outside Gore
Hand / finger injury Specific injury Finger injury
Insects Insects and other invertebrates in general. Insects
Needles Injections, IVs, or needles Needles
NPC Character death Death of non-player characters (e.g. in backstory, npcs, etc) Death
Parasites Anything that can be described as 'things coming out of other things'; fungal things Parasites
PC Character death Death of player characters CharDeath
Pregnancy Pregnancy or themes around that Pregnancy
Psychological manipulation Manipulation or modification of a character's mental state Manipulation
Racism / xenophobia Themes of racial tension; national tension Racisms
Sexism Sexism themes. If these are intentional for the narrative, please be specific about what flavour of unpleasantry will be occurring. Sexism / etc
Sexual behaviour Graphic / explicit descriptions of sexual behaviour NSFW
Spiders Spiders, and spider-like things. Spiders
Suicidal themes Suicidal thoughts; ideation; mentions of suicide in general Suicide
Surgery Descriptions of surgery Surgery
Torture Mental or physical Torture
Violence (physical) As you'd expect Violence
Violence (sexual) As you'd expect Sexual violence
Suffocation / Drowning Depictions of drowning, real or imagined; suffocation, including burial and smothering; other extreme losses of breath Suffocation

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