From the North East, Strong willed and smart. A new player comes to the game..

Description Edit

Player Chunk-a-Chunk
Faction The Boarder Machinists
Species Human
Age 29
Current Residence The Boarder
Place of Origin North East
Status Alive

Specialty Mining, Robotics, Blacksmithing
Height 5'8
Weight 170

From the North East, Thyme is a Mongolian in heritage, with brown skin and green eyes. Her body has been trained from birth to be strong, and smart. Although still young she has already started getting white hair, and light lines around her eyes. The most noticeable thing about her is the intense burn scars that travel up her arms. Received from a experiment gone wrong in her previous work studio.

Personality Edit

Thyme's personality is one of a laid back quiet type. Never trying to get into peoples business nor trying to intentionally isolate herself. She is comfortable with the silence of the mines and the noise of the machines around her. Although she is good at leading, following is also in her nature. Neither of those bother her within the least.

She is one to never judge right off the bat, but the moment she senses something bad about a person she backs off. She is over with being around posionous people and likes to keep it that way. However if she opens up to you and accepts you as a close friend, she will always be there to help in any way, no matter if they are in the right or wrong.

Back Story Edit

I had grown up in the same place, always following the same orders. My work is my life, the gray dusted skies are the comfort blanket that I keep myself under. Amongst the deep thuds and cranks of the machines everything here feels like it has a purpose and a place. Waking up from a decent sleep all I do is eat, and then submerge myself in my work, repairing people’s armor and creating designs for the newest robotics, I’m fulfilled by the life that I am living. Stay neutral, don’t end up like him, don’t take a side, and do not show interest. Just get their coin and leave them be. His name has been forgotten, or just avoided completely. The man who went one way too far. He was my mentor and the only person that I had felt a certain kinship to. He was taken, banished, killed, the amounts of rumors of his fate are endless. But they don’t matter now. Just do your work Thyme, and keep your head down.

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