It is something, where there should be nothing.

The vast emptiness under the world, and between worlds. Very little is known about the Void, and many feel it is impossible to properly study due to its unpredictable, ever-changing nature.

Evidence suggests that the way it is perceived and reacted to varies wildly between those experiencing it. Some feel it as a stifling, crushing heat, with no reference for passage of time. Some are barely affected at all.

Research Edit

Classified under Anomalous Materials, State Void research and study was carried out in the partially condemned lower portion of FDEF-FAC. Void Theory was pioneered by a series of sole researchers working in the small, poorly equipped offices and laboratories, of which Facilitator A_J was the most recent. Tasked with weaponizing Void Particulate matter, she builds the device responsible for the extradimensional disappearance of Aeronautics-ONE.

Void Travel Edit

Direct Edit

The most common, and most dangerous means of Void travel, direct contact is often accidental and even more often lethal. This is what happens when one melts a hole in the bedrock and takes safety precautions too lightly. A person who falls into the Void is generally either swallowed entirely or spit back out into the world they fell from, and not the same as when they fell in.

Direct Void travel can also be caused by a Void-based weapon, such as the one responsible for the disappearance of Aeronautics One, and a similar one in the disappearance of FAC 19.

Portals Edit

Safe means of Void travel, but only between two linked points. Like a wormhole, these are anchored at both ends, and provide instant passage from one end to another. The effects of the Void are generally not felt at all, as Portals do not link across dimensions, rather using the Void as a sort of bypass of physical space within the same plane.

Nether, End, Aether, and Promised Land portals are not Void portals, instead being of an unknown magical origin.

Void Gates Edit

Deliberate openings to the Void itself, created with the intent to allow safe passage through the emptiness. Void Gates are exceedingly rare, and not as safe as advertized. They are not of any uniform design, instead varying wildly depending on the builder and the materials available. Thus, some work better than others, and some are essentially a death sentence.

Unlike a portal, a Void gate is only anchored at one end. Extremely careful calibrations to the machinery are required, as well as stabilizers to prevent the gate from collapsing. Even so, there is no guarantee the other end of the passage will not appear somewhere undesirable, or simply spit its travelers into the Void, never to be seen again.

The only known functioning Void Gate is the one in the Silo's sublevels.

Physical Effects Edit

Void transit is enormously taxing on human physiology. Individuals that have made the transit repeatedly are visibly


The effects of acute Void poisoning on the human body.

disfigured by the hazardous Void Particulate. Injury, fatality and loss is common. Observable effects from transit include loss of body mass, injury from inhalation, or absorption of Void material, dissolution, fragmentation, and derangement.

Void particulate matter is treated by the body like calcium; once absorbed, it is deposited in bone marrow. Long term exposure to the substance causes a blackening of the bones, collagen, and connective tissues of the body.

Acute Void Poisoning Edit

Direct or prolonged exposure to Void particulate, especially in large amounts, causes a series of physical effects. These inevitably lead to death, if left untreated.

Treatment is extremely difficult, and likely to lead to complications.

The progression of acute Void poisoning can be seen in stages.

Stage 1: Body temperature slightly raised. Confusion is common. Capillaries in the eyes may become darker.

Stage 2: Patches of gray begin to appear on the skin, particularly appendages. Eyes shot with black. Irises begin losing color or darkening. Psychological effects become more prominent, particularly delusion.

Stage 3: Gray patches all over the body, and more visible than before. Hair begins turning gray. Eyes may be nearly or completely black. Bone marrow is permeated and the bones become brittle. Bone marrow is black. Victim may be prone to hallucinations.

Stage 4: Eyes are completely black, and do not reflect light. Bones and some connective tissue turns black. Bones are now entirely black. The body reacts to Void particulate, usually causing viscous black blood to run from the mouth and eyes. (A_J is currently in this stage)

Stage 5: Gray patches on the skin now cover most of the body, and begin turning black. Body temperature soars to well over a safe level. Blood is now completely black at all times. Feeling is partially lost in the extremities. The victim is in a near-permanent state of disorientation and hallucination.

Stage 6: Extremities and parts of the skin are blackened. The blackened skin becomes brittle, similar to charcoal. All feeling and some motor function in the extremities is lost. Internal organs begin to liquify. Black blood runs from the eyes and mouth almost constantly. Without intervention, this is the stage at which most victims die.

Stage 7: The extremities are crumbling and completely useless. Bleeding from the eyes, mouth, and many of the blackened skin patches. The victim is generally brain-dead by this point.

Stage 8: The internal organs have almost completely dissolved. Most of the body is crumbling. The skin and muscle on the limbs has mostly disintegrated. No victim has ever lived past this stage.

Stage 9: The corpse generally dissolves into inert Void particulate in a matter of hours after death. Recommended cleanup procedures: Full hazard suit, respirators, Raduim-lined containers. Containers must be cast into the Void, or if no Void breach is available, sealed in lead and buried under at least 3m of concrete.