Good and honest men are on their way to offer assistance. And do remember - lie face down.

The 'Mothermen' team
Player (various)
Faction FAIR-CO; State
Status Active

Specialty Asset reclamation; "Rescue"; FAC Infiltration

The Mothermen are FAIR-CO's primary security force, and raid team. A group of Wards with Furtherances in combat or security work, they enjoy higher standing in the FAC than most other factions. This equates to better rations, their own office and separate sleeping quarters, and priority access to most other internal facilities.

As a result of this, and the sort of Wards selected, the Mothermen tend to be in better physical shape than their peers. They are responsible for internal security (patrols, investigating and punishments), although much of the day-to-day work like manning surveillance posts and maintaining the brig is the responsibility of the Breathers.

There have been two Mothermen teams, with Ward C_K common to both.

'Rescue' (Raids) and recruitment Edit

Recruitment of new Inductees to FAIR-CO is a significant component of the Mothermen's work; via two primary means:

Recruitment posts Edit

FAIR-CO has left information about the FAC and its facilities ("Come Home!" "Welcome Home, Mother's Children!" and so on) at strategic points over quite a wide area, following the fall of the State - although no co-ordinates are provided. Instead, interested parties are directed to 'Recruitment Stations' around the landscape, and told to wait there for Rescue.

'Rescue' will be in the form of the Mothermen's arrival. The patrols are made fairly frequently (although less so in recent years), but covering all the stations takes time and means the squad will be absent from the FAC itself for at least a week. There have been fewer and fewer successful Recruitments as time has gone on, with stations more likely abandoned, or only being targeted by bandits lying in wait.

But even the unwilling can have some use, and damage to FAC property must be paid for. Fair's fair.

Rescue (Raids) Edit

FAIR-CO targets other surviving FACs for assimilation. The procedure for full FACs is practiced, involving cutting power intermittently over the course of several weeks, until a full shutdown occurs – while offering aid and rescue. Since many surviving FACs are subterranean, or otherwise require power to stay habitable, this is very effective.

Once a FAC has been sufficiently weakened, the Mothermen move in. Disorientation techniques and takedowns are used on any resistance – the intention is not to kill, but subdue. Except for in the case of the Facilitator, who would – sadly – be considered incompatible with the new regime. Memories of precisely what happened to their previous Facilitators may have notable impact on the behaviour of various cliques around C_K.

Smaller facilities, supply depots, trade posts or other outposts are also fair game.

Team One Edit

There have been two Mothermen teams. Team One was the original, formed from FAIR-CO's existing security contingent just under 6 years ago and selected for their competent, if brutal, skills. This team consisted of:

  • W_A (Waye). Captain. A tall, thick-shouldered Ward with pale skin, dark hair and a regulation-exact beard. Initially Loyal and fully committed to the stabilisation of his Facility, in the wake of the State's internal strife and the instability that sprang up in the outlying regions, Waye was not fully aware of the extent of the collapse that followed. Bluntly sure of his own competence, he had a tendency to react violently to mistakes, or setbacks in raids, and overlook the destructive tendencies of his subordinates, leading to more damage to FACs, Inductees and equipment than was ideal.
  • A_X (Axe). Lieutenant. A narrow, shaven-headed Ward with geometric patterns tattooed onto his scalp; and light brown skin mottled with burn scarring in several, visible places. No eyebrows. W_A's second for years, Axe was a much smaller man, but what he lacked in height he easily matched his superior for violence. Rigidly observant of the FAC internal hierarchy and his position within it, as well as everyone else's, Axe had a specific Furtherance in Demolitions - and took distinctly too much enjoyment in that side of his work. Verging on pyromania, he would often ensure that there was little left behind after a raid that could possibly be used by anyone else, and would often use fire as a panic-inducing method to soften up targets.
  • C_K. (See main page for C_K) Treated badly by his big brothers, and with his Siege trigger used frequently and without warning, C_K was the 'runt' of the group and explicitly referred to as such.

Axe was killed two and a half years ago, in an over-stretched raid on a small Citizen Compound. The resistance was much higher than anticipated, and Axe's usual strategy backfired badly, leaving him trapped under falling, burning roof timbers. Waye, unwilling to disobey his direct orders from Mister Fairfax, had headed into the burning building to drag out the Redribbon still inside, but the Ribbon's extreme phobia of fire held him back. By the time he could return to his partner's aid, Axe was dead.

The death of his Lieutenant unsettled Waye, causing him to start looking more closely into FAIR-CO's operations. His discovery of the nature of Rapid Asset Recovery, and various other elements of procedure, coupled with the fate of the majority of Inductees from Blondie's FAC (taken half a year later), finally lead him to the conclusion that FAIR-CO itself was Aberrant. He fled the facility, to find some State authority to report this to - but was pursued by C_K, and killed.

Team Two Edit

Following the recruitment of S_R to FAIR-CO, the Mothermen unit was restored, with similar operational objectives as before, but with the militiaman now as Captain. This team has been highly effective in its role, although it has not faced assault challenges to the same degree as the first team, so far. However, they have demonstrated significantly improved efficiency in resource use, and tactical responses.

  • S_R. Captain. (See main page for S_R.)
  • C_K. (See main page for C_K.) Harbours some resentment towards S_R for his immediate assignment as Captain.

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