The Library is a recurring location on the AJCO servers. It is a place to meet, read, write, and make use of the many resources available there. It is always built to be large, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, as well as carry a theme.

There have so far been three Libraries.

The Time Cube Edit

The first Library was vast, with a high ceiling and smooth, black warded stone walls. It had a grassy center, and a large Timewood tree as its centerpiece. Bookshelves ringed the outside, and a large staircase led up to the entrance to the Labyrinth.

The Wayshrines for this Library were simple stone brick

The Azure Sky Edit

The second Library was also roughly square, but smaller and had much more detail. The center was roughly the same, with a small patch of grass and a Timewood tree. Its ceiling was studded with stars, and rich blue Lapis Lazuli bricks featured heavily in its construction. The Labyrinth hallways connecting to it were similarly decorated.

The Wayshrines for this Library were small, Greek-style pillared shrines of black basalt and Lapis.

The Reclaimed Silo Edit

The latest Library is very unlike the previous two. It is a multilevel structure built into the remains of an old missile silo. Each level has a particular genre of books. In the center of the silo is a rocket, presumably a missile. The Library is decorated in white Mangrove wood and light blue carpets and lamps.

This is the first Library to be visible and accessible from the surface. Its entrance connects to the Katton-Silo road

There are no Wayshrines yet.

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