This was an AJCO research and experimentation project headed by Frances Graye, who also inadvertently became its primary test subject.

Characters Involved Edit

Goals Edit

This project was based on Frances's research of the Hydra creatures and their relatives native to the Twilight Forest. She successfully proved that Hydra tissue could regenerate, even if severed from the main body. Due to the magical nature of the creature, Requiem's assistance and expertise was required, as physical means alone could not separate out the desirable traits.

Frances proposed a series of experiments and tests to ascertain the viability of these regenerative processes in a medical setting.

Hydra Genetic Recombination Edit

Frances discovered that the secret of the Hydra's regeneration lies partially in its ability to copy its own DNA at a high rate, and with an astonishingly low rate of error. Far lower than that of a human. The Hydra recombines its own DNA every time it regenerates, thus "resetting" the creature.

An interesting side-effect of this is that when recombining, Hydra DNA can successfully bond with any outside DNA and adopt that DNA's characteristics.

Damn I'm gonna finish writing this some day

Results Edit

The first series of tests on animals was successful, and proved safe enough to move on to human testing. An anomalous energy was measured in the course of these tests, but ignored. Frances volunteered as a human test subject.

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