The Doctor
Player Pythosblaze
Faction The State
Species Human
Age 35
Current Residence pi-TEC
Place of Origin The State
Status Deceased

Specialty Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Re-Education
Height 5'8"

"For Order"

The Doctor is the Warden of pi-TEC and its territory, containing ADEF-FAC, FAC 91, AAT-FAC, and a collection of missile silos. She is a mirror universe version of Frances Graye, though in most respects is nothing like the Frances known by the cast.

She insists upon being addressed as "Doctor", though colloquially she is known as "Pi", or "Doctor Pi". It is unknown where this name came from, but it likely refers to the title of her Facility. Her legal name is still "Frances E. Graye".


Physically, the Doctor is identical to Frances, though she lacks the majority of the cybernetic augmentations, and is completely human. Her most immediately noticeable feature is the large scar along the left side of her face, extending from her jaw to above her ear.

She has a mechanical heart, rudimentary compared to the one Frances has. It was a prototype barely into the development phase and never intended to be used on a live subject. This heart was forced upon her and her biological heart removed against her will, when T.S. A_J felt it time to conduct a "test" of the prototype. This "test" was, of course, psychological warfare against the Doctor, as most of their interactions were.

She is considerably less powerfully built than Frances, having been working as a scientist for her whole life as opposed to an enforcer and mechanic.


The Doctor is very unlike Frances in almost every way. She is highly organized, bureaucratic, and commanding in everything she does, often using bureaucracy as a tool to manipulate others into doing something she wants. She is as controlling of other people as she is of her facility.

She has textbook knowledge of a huge array of sciences, mainly in the medical and biomechanical fields. However, she lacks actual experience in most of it, as it is never required of her. This is something she will not readily admit to. Pride and dignity are key to the Doctor's character.

Early Career

Murder of T.S. A_J

Roughly two years after A_J returned from her military contract, she and the Doctor became embroiled in an intense, passive-aggressive rivalry and struggle for dominance within pi-TEC. The Doctor was deeply embittered with the State for changing A_J in the way they did, and furious with A_J herself for her utter disregard for pi-TEC practices and her abysmal treatment of the team of Wards assigned to her. As the Doctor and A_J were considered equals within the facility, they each turned to somewhat underhanded means of getting to the other.

A_J opted for emotional and psychological damage, deliberately causing frustrating setbacks in the Doctor's research, reassigning, Correcting, and even re-education the Doctor's staff without her consent, and many similar things. Eventually, A_J crossed one line too many, and the Doctor snapped.

The Doctor was in the process of reworking an old design for a mechanical heart. The prototype was functional but untested, and was the only prototype of this design ever completed. A_J drugged the Doctor, and took her into operation, where she and her medical team removed the Doctor's heart and replaced it with the cybernetic prototype. Days later, the Doctor - half-conscious on drugs and in severe pain - left A_J's personal lab where she had been held, and shot T.S. A_J in her office. Twice in the heart, with A_J's own State-issued handgun.

The Doctor was then forced to turn the weapon on the attacking Subject 18C, a Thaumic Anomaly. She killed 18C, but it took the remainder of the weapon's ammunition, and 18C was able to unleash a bolt of Flux, leaving a huge gash along the side of the Doctor's face.

This murder haunted the Doctor for the next four years, as her staff left pi-TEC for better prospects in the aftermath of this event. Eventually, she was left alone and half-mad with grief and guilt.

Arrival of AJCO cast




  • Doctor Pi was originally thought out to be a main antagonist, invading the AJCO universe rather than having her own be invaded.

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