The Diner is a 1960s style American shiny diner. It is completely unremarkable in every way...apart from the fact that it appears in every world we go to, exactly the same. The coffee is always hot. The food is always fresh. The newspaper always reads June 12th, 1966, Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Diner is always empty, but set foot inside and you may catch a whiff of a waitress's perfume, as if she were just there...

"Our world is a vast and complex one, full of layers and surprises. As scientists, we devote our lives and resources to exploring it, documenting it, and understanding it. But for all our study and all our knowledge, sometimes things still surprise us.

Visitors to AJCO--during their last minutes of freedom--may notice a strangely out of place building nestled into the basalt cliff of an extinct volcano. This small, red and polished chrome structure was never actually built by anyone. It just appeared one day, with no warning, no fanfare, and no apparent purpose.

AJCO's intimidating CEO immediately claimed it for her company, but it remains somewhat neutral ground. Enemies who meet there just sit on opposite ends of the bar and sip their coffee, threatening each other with nothing more than the occasional dirty look. The Diner is a meeting place, where friends and enemies alike can meet and talk in relative peace.

The Diner is a constant. A fixed point in time and space, never changing. If you break a window or unscrew a lightbulb, it will repair itself as soon as you look away. The refrigerator is always stocked, the coffee is always fresh, and the checkered floor is polished to a shine. Inside the Diner, no radiation or flux is detectable in any amount, despite the high levels of both outside it.

A newspaper behind the counter marks the day as "June 12, 1966", in Albuquerque, New Mexico, even though such a place and dating system do not actually exist. The paper also reports many fairly uninteresting occurrences, and mentions numerous other nonexistent places. There is a radio behind the counter, but it produces nothing but static when turned on.

We hypothesize that this Diner exists in two planes at once. When inside it, you are, in fact, in 1966 America. A fraction of a second in this other world, trapped and preserved in here like an insect in amber. It is unclear to us why it appeared in our world and how long it will stay, but for the moment it is a quiet place to sit and think, away from our troubled little corner of the universe."


Instances Edit

There are three noted instances of the Diner so far.

AJCO 6 Edit

The Diner originally appeared very close to AJCO 6, backed up against a volcano. It was used as a meeting place of sorts, and neutral ground for anyone in need of a safe haven and food.

AJCO 8 Edit

The Diner later appeared on the next world, far away from everything else. It was exactly the same as the old Diner in practically every way.

A_J, in her quest to pull AJCO 6 through the Void, aimed a large laser at the Diner, for what reason is unclear. The laser melted a large hole in the facade. Notably, however, there was no trace of the damage the next day...

Mirror Universe Edit

The Diner appeared on the hill behind pi-TEC, shortly before the nukes fell. It was never properly investigated, but one can assume that it was the same as the previous two.

Theories Edit

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