The Aura Edit

Flux Edit

Flux is the product of magic gone awry. Like fumes to a car, small amounts of flux are produced each time a piece of magic equipment is used, however a good mage will know to use pure nodes to keep these levels under control. When something goes horribly wrong, flux will manifest as a sticky purple goo or gas. This gas or liquid form of flux proceeds to eat away or infect a host with what is known as "Taint".

Taint Edit

A production of to much flux taint is an infectious disease like entity. Able to eat though stone, wood, and other such materials, it seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to infecting flesh. Due to the living nature of plants, Taint often spreads faster among them than on other materials, and will corrupt animals just as well. Taint seems to seek out life and destroy it, no matter the type.

When a host is Tainted, whether it be animal or being, it starts to take over the host for its own purposes like a parasite.

Cure and treatment Edit

There is no known cure for Taint so far. Hosts can be kept at stage 2 or 3 for prolonged periods of time with rigorous medical care and cleaning. Shimmerleaf tea has been found to help in stage 2 but would have to be paired with showers every 4 hours as well as the tea every 2 hours, leading this to be a slightly ridiculous choice to keep one's self alive, but effective enough in emergency. To prevent Taint spread please use safety equipment such as gas masks, rubber gloves (changed regularly) and hazmat equipment however due to its corosive effects this does not last long unless it is regularly washed off.

Thaumaturges Edit

The State and Magic Edit

Specialisations Edit

Some Thaumaturges have researched and developed new methods of Thaumaturgy. Some of these are listed below.

Direct Essentia Manipulation Edit

Direct Essentia Manipulation is the ability to manipulate raw essentia in various ways to interact with the thaumatuge's surroundings. This is a practice that was discovered, and mainly researched by, Krauzer. The type of essentia that is used in this method can alter the effects created.

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