A production of to much flux taint is an infectious disease like entity. Able to eat though stone, wood, and other such materials, it seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to infecting flesh. Due to the living nature of plants, Taint often spreads faster among them than on other materials, and will corrupt animals just as well. Taint seems to seek out life and destroy it, no matter the type.

When a host is Tainted, whether it be animal or being, it starts to take over the host for its own purposes like a parasite. Host has all but died off due to the Taint at stage 6, letting the flux control the body how it pleases.

Taint in humanoid beings Edit

Taint infoline
It should be noted that this is a progressive disease. Therefor when one progresses though it they make their way though each stage. As well as the timeline shown on this page is not unevenly spaced to annoy you It is to indicate how long each stage is to last compared to the others, Stage 3 being the longest.

Stage 1 Edit

- Host is infected but has no visible symptoms

- Spores can be found in the bloodstream of the host.

- This is the stage in which the taint spores multiply

Stage 2 Edit

Early stage 2:

  • Mild headaches occur
  • Host’s Digestive system starts to be coated with taint, which causes loss of appetite.
  • nausea may occur when eating
  • Flux goo starts to secrete from under the nails.

Late stage 2:

  • Flux starts spreading over hands and patches start to show on limbs
  • Photosensitivity due to worsening headache

Stage 3 Edit

Early stage 3:

  • Host starts to have intrusive thoughts to infect others. (As if it is the first thought, which can be brushed away)
  • Headaches increase in frequency and strength
  • Nausea at all points, not just after eating.
  • Fever while body attempts to fight the taint.

Mid stage 3:

  • Respiratory system starts to be affected causing coughing.
  • Vomiting up flux as the body tries to expel it
  • Purple flux spreads up arms and legs
  • Migraines start.
  • Emotional states are heightened

ie Mildly upset to crying

ie Amused to Pissing yourself laughing

Late state 3:

  • Full blown pneumonia like effects to the respiratory system causing severe coughing as well as coughing up flux liquid.
  • complete lack of appetite
  • rational thinking impaired, not realizing they might be doing something wrong, or wishing not to be treated to protect the taint. As well as wishing to infect others or trying to tempt others to become tainted.
  • fibrous taint, a hardened and strong version of flux, weave over the hands like calluses

Stage 4 Edit

Early stage 4: 

  • Fibrous taint thinly covers limbs (like scabs in texture), allowing a strength increase.
  • Migraines seem to stop along with the vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms as the body fails to fight.
  • urges to infect others and protect those who have been tainted. Hostile actions toward those trying to cure or treat stage 4’s are met with fear. 

ie Blue reacts to Nights by hiding or moving away because she is afraid of those trying to remove the taint.

Late stage 4:

  • Migraines come in waves suddenly before stage 5
  • Internal organs are now fully infected. If one could view them it would show purple in colour.
  • Flux is seen on torso
  • Fibrous taint has now grown thick and have caused body modifications such as small claws or seeming to increase muscle mass on limbs.

Stage 5 Edit

  • The taint has now infected the thought of the host, causing them to fear those not infect or to think it is best for them to be infected. This fear is often turned to hatred if one intends to try and cure the host, causing the host to lash out and attempt to either hurt or kill them.

Stage 6 Edit

  • The end stage, the host is at the point of no return, it’s mind completely corrupt. All stage 6 victims should be killed on sight, there is no hope of return and are too dangerous to keep.

Effects of Taint Edit

Animals Edit

Like humans, Animals go through stages. The length of each stage depends on the size of an animal. For example a crow might only take 4-5 days to each stage 4 where as a human would take several weeks. Like wise an elephant would take a few months to reach the same stage.

Plants Edit

Due to the more simpler cellular structure and un-intelligence to vegetation the spread from stage 1-6 is can happen within days. However this again depends on size. Grass and ferns would take 2 days maximum where as a large tree might take a week or 2.

Staged for plants are slightly different to the ones affected by animals due to the different cellular structure.

Stage 1-2: Plants roots and veins are noticeable a purple hue

Stage 3: Plant starts to grow fibrous taint around its stalk or trunk

Stage 4: The plant seems to have a growth spurt at the same time as some decay is shown on the smaller parts such as leaves.

Stage 5-6: the plant seems to be much larger than before, coated in a thick barrier of fibrous taint and seems to sway and move in the direction of anything not tainted.


Taint has been observed to be corrosive. Cloths, metals, and plastics with repeated and continuous exposure will wear thin and eventually cause holes. This can be prevented with regular washing and extensive maintenance.

Cure and Treatment Edit

Preventative measures Edit

Water seems to effectively take up taint into itself causing a washing effect, however causing the water to become slightly tainted and should be disposed of or purified quickly.

Shimmer leaf tea seems to sooth the stomach aches caused by taint as well as keep a host “stable” in a stage. However the further a host is in the stages means the more they must drink to stop the taint from progressing. This is not an effective way of treating taint, only holding a person in a stage, nor will this work for late stage 3 victims.

Cure Edit

You have to wait for this.

Rehabilitation Edit

Rehabilitation of a host is similar to the stages, however reversed. One must go through the process of expelling the taint from their bodys. For example a host at stage 3 had to go through stages 1 and 2 to get there, therefore they go from 3 to 2 then back to 1 and then cured in rehabilitation. This is not a very pleasant experience but can be eased by medication.

Simply put, you gotta do the reverse of what you did to get to that point.


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