Player Entomancy
Faction The State / FAIR-Co
Species Human
Age 34
Current Residence FAIR-Co
Place of Origin The City
Status Alive

Specialty Head of Security
Height Just under 5' 10"
An angry, sarcastic and permanently prickly man, S_R is the head of FAIRCO Security and tactical lead of the Mothermen team.  Ill-fitted into any of the FAC cliques, he is quite an isolated person, although his taste for elaborate swearing, disconcertingly-tight trousers, and general sharp demeanor suggest this is at least in part deliberate.  His official file prior to the current FAIRCO affiliation is limited at best, and [redacted] in significant portions, although his loyalty to the FAC is invective but thus-far unwavering.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Just under 5' 10"; narrow, athletic build (he’s fluid, but he isn’t bulky), could honestly use a few pounds of extra body fat to support the muscle (difficult under Fairco nutritional regimes, is verging close to underweight). Olive skin (gone as pallid as he’s going to get from e.g. not going outside enough), short-cut black hair, close-cropped beard, sharp dark amber eyes.  There is a very obvious thick streak of yellow-white hair that runs from his hairline to the back of his head on the right side; if you are close enough to see detail you might notice that the skin underneath that is much paler than the surrounding tissue.

He has a tendency to lose pigment in deep wounds, and there are pale scars scattered over his body for the same reason.  Thin cane marks cover the back of his shoulders from Corrections (mostly stemming from childhood, but not entirely); there are some blunt, blurry pale patches around his hips; and twin incision scars from top surgery that run just under his pectorals, old and flat, but just visible through his chest hair.

Clothing / loadout Edit

He wears gloves, constantly, as many Wards do, ranging from thinner everyday / undergloves to armoured ones for combat. Generally dressed in his uniform - a white jacket with thick black accents, black trousers (he has a slightly unfortunate tendency to favour trousers that… cling. A lot. To everything), dark boots. Often wears a face-obscuring mask / helmet when on official business, and additional body armour if breaking a FAC.  His belt is non-standard, with a brass buckle in a geometric design that might be recognisable as based on old, Golden Age archetectural motifs.

Standard weapon loadout is: one pistol, a forearm-length baton (double-handle), brass knuckles and at least one small knife somewhere about his person.

He also has a militia-issue lighter, and reading glasses with are clearly not standard Ward issue (sleek, dark grey metal frames).

Notable markings / features Edit

The hair.  Name and serial number tattooed on the back of his neck. Furtherance markings down the side of his right arm. Militia marks / specialisation addendums added to the standard ones.

If you see his permanent record, it can be noted that much of his history has been [redacted].  (At least one reason for this has come up in past RP.)

Personality Edit


S_R operates under a permanent level of irritation at the world and everything in it.  He’ll generally veer between smug, sneering, and being snappish, depending on the seniority or importance of whoever he is speaking to. Ideally, he’ll distain everyone, and pretty much act as if they are a sort of inconvenient chattering fog; if he can’t, because someone is genuinely skilled or useful, he tends towards being sarcastic.  He can be polite, even skilled with words, but honestly at the moment he doesn’t see the point.  He also swears, a lot, and the way he speaks has clearly been influenced by the Civilians in the Militia.

Dislikes inefficiency, in use of time or materials (doesn’t play games, for example, and doesn’t really have a concept of ‘down time’.  This is one of many reasons he has no friends).  Tends to think Wards are pitiable, Citizens are profligate and pointless, and Civilians are pathetic.  Can be a vindictive prick.  Generally won’t actively bully people, but if crossed he is both patient and vicious.  Is distinctly uncomfortable around Aberrants, dirt (specifically organic filth - he’s fine with e.g. machine oil and brick dust), insects, most food that doesn’t come in tins or dried strips – he’s a State City-boy to the core, and resents deeply the fact he had to leave, lost his previous position and got stuck in this ‘freak-filled arse-end of fucking nowhere’.

He might actually be quite talkative, if you have something interesting to say, and can get through the initial sneering.

Loyalties Edit

Current Edit

He is Captain of the Mothermen.  Loyalty is demonstrable to the FAC, and the Facilitator.  Whatever he might personally think of Fairfax he won’t publicly show anything other than adherence to the FAC setup.

Previous Edit

He used to be in the City Militia. And he is still in a FAC, after the fall of the State in this world.

Examples of S_R in RP and prose Edit

Connections? Edit

In the RP 'Indicate Desired' between A_J and the Auditor (archived here), A_J gloats over the apparent fate of the Auditor's counterpart in this world. The autopsy report is recorded as follows by PythOS:

[Autopsy Report] [TRAUMA] [LACERATION: Semitendinosus Muscle] [BALLISTIC TRAUMA: Occipital Region]
[MULTIPLE INJURIES to Tracheobronchial Structures]

"You were hamstrung. Your throat was stamped on. And you were shot. Directly. Through the back of your head. I can’t imagine why. I have always found you to be most genial."

The Silo's database is notably out of date and significantly corrupted, but did contain some of a trial report for the murder:

[TRIAL REPORT] [CONVICTED SUSPECT: Section Commander: Capital Militia, S_R 224-846-3]

This is a different serial number, and of course, Ward names alone are not uncommon.

It might be hasty to draw too many conclusions.

Although probably not that hasty.

Other appearances Edit

A different version of S_R is a POV character in Entomancy's Smoke and Ashes series (although technically ‘Tattoos’ above would be both; their childhoods will have been pretty much the same).  There has been some divergence between the good Captains, for various 'trousers of time' reasons, but there are similarities between them too.

It is therefore likely that yet another version of S_R was part of the Auditor's original team, in her Void pursuit of FAC19. He does not appear to have made it through.

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