Most have not seen war in it's truest form.

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Player Skekfaev
Faction The Deserters
Species Human
Age 57
Current Residence FAC91
Place of Origin The State
Status Deceased

Specialty Explosives

Robotics Psychology

Height 5'9"

S_K is a Ward from the State. Events in her life caused her to defect from her homeland. Until it's demise she was leading the Deserters in an attempt to change the State.

Due to disagreements between members the Deserters ultimately fell into disarray and went their separate ways.

In a last attempt to complete her vision S_K fell into alliance with the Castle Crew which was her demise.

Description Edit

Even as an elder woman S_K held onto a rather large and imposing body with broad shoulders, muscular arms and relatively tall height.

Characteristically S_K is very pale with light grey hair that's almost always covered with a red-and-white dotted bandanna. She has a very angular and jaunt jawline that is a prominent feature of her face.

As a Ward and a former ally of the State she has kept her uniform and advises her followers to do so as well. By dyeing the typical white, a bright red she means to display her anarchistic behaviour towards the State. As an explosives engineer and robotics expert she often has a small array of tools on her person. They are stuffed in the big, black bags that hang from her belt

She is a woman defined by the scars and marks upon her body. As of now her visible scars are a vertical scar over her right eye, similar to the villain of a cheap novel. The eye is whitened out and underneath the dull cornea the iris is surrounded by bloody tendrils. The eye can still roll in it's socket and follows along with the other but she is unable to see anymore out of it than vague, misty forms. Another mark upon her face is her broken nose, halfway down it stands crooked and the scar of a big gash is still visible to this day. Her last visible scar is one upon her left shoulder and upper arm. The big incision and small bulges make it pretty clear that the joint of her arm is replaced by a metal plate or at the least held together by it. The indentation of the scar is filled in with a small layer of gold.

Personality Edit

Typical for a Ward, S_K has problems when she interacts with people. She strives for the most efficient result or method when dealing with nearly anything in her life, this often makes her come off her as curt, brutal and cold.

Unlike the ever so compliant Wards, S_K has managed to develop a certain sense of superiority regarding others and even Citizens, while still under State regime along with a strong sense of dominance. From a young age she was a revered pupil and became involved in big projects. The State was also quick to fund her projects. Her interactions with Citizens were often an annoyance to her. She knew they talked big but had little for it to show.

Her efficiency, casual disregard of human life and brutally creative mind would ultimately ensure her a cosy spot within the State regime. Her dominance, crude attitude and unwavering loyalty to the State would become her downfall.

Early Life Edit

PRI-FAC 59 was the home of S_K's childhood. It was an environment of learning under a strict regime that allowed for no creativity or individualism to develop. Within the spartan upbringing she came to love the State and anything involving it, to this day this has only changed slightly.

She was pushed into the tests, like any other Ward at that age, and her destiny would become the fine line between scientist, soldier and mass murderer. She would dedicate her life to arm the soldiers or expand their already deadly arsenal.

The injury to her eye was from her youth. Whilst calibrating a shrapnel grenade a malfunction caused it to explode prematurely. The blast brought forth minor damage due to the protective gear but a shard broke through her safety goggles and pierced her eye. The glass and shrapnel dust scratched her cornea, dulling it in the process. In an extreme form of endurance and discipline S_K was denied medical care until she had completed the assignment. It took two days but ultimately she succeeded. The eye could be restored but the dull film could not be cleared with the state of medicine they were at.

The injury ensured a lonely life as a young Ward and would ultimately make her indifferent towards other humans. She lacked friends during her childhood as most children were scared of her hideous injury or mocked her for the failure that had marked her. Her focus on learning and determination to show that that would be the only failure in her life made her rocket through the ranks.

The main Furtherances in Explosives Engineering and rudimentary Robotics would have carried her through life on or near the battlefield if not for whisperings coming from the Solomon Weapons Industries.

An idea placed in the next heir to the giant fortune of the Solomon Weapons Industries would define S_K's life. In an unexpected turn from the State she was to Further in Psychology with focus upon fear and aggression.

Furtherances and skills Edit

Furtherances Edit

Within her life S_K has acquired the Furtherances in Explosives Engineering, rudimentary Robotics and Psychology. Unknown to her she was being specifically raised to become the ultimate tool of FAC34.

The Furtherance in Explosives Engineering was a natural as she was to supply and develop weaponry for the military, creating new methods of destroying or incapacitating the enemy.

Rudimentary Robotics was an added furtherance to become more creative with her explosives. Even if she was introduced to advanced programming and even A.I. S_K has made it her goal to never become associated with any artificial object that is capable of individual thought. Her controlling personality and extremely calculating mind don't allow for uncertainties that could easily develop due to individualism in programming. Due to this most of her robots have the simple goal of existing to be destroyed whilst carrying explosives or existing to aid until they are too worn to allow continuation.

Her Furtherance in Psychology came to her as thunder in a clear sky. As a child and young adult she never experienced the pleasure of friendship or romance. She simply learned to mimic at the correct times to ensure the efficiency of the conversation. Due to her intelligence she was able to complete the Furtherance but has little understanding of the more social aspects of humans. Like a parrot she can tell what the books told her but she is not able to apply it to situations she is not familiar with.

Luckily the Furtherance was not focussed upon social interactions but more on the primal side of man; aggression and fear, the emotions of war. Her work within FAC34 greatly benefited from the knowledge she had gained due to this.

Skills Edit

S_K was and still is a very intelligent woman with a knack of picking things up quickly, like most Wards. Within FAC34 she came into contact with pioneers on various Furtherances and has learned the basics of several skills.

Testificate anatomy and behaviour is a knowledge she can attribute to the time she spend with M_Q, a young man known for the realization that organs and limbs can be swapped between humans and Testificates. The anatomy knowledge has allowed for her to alter (dying) bodies to her own tastes and crudely involve them in her projects. This knowledge was useless to her in any other circumstance. She did not have any healing or medicinal capabilities beyond common sense.

Horseback riding is an uncommon skill for most Wards to have, but the majority of people involved in the War at her time of duty were taught this skill as horses were a more dependable and silent means of transport.

FAC34 Edit

Approached by the State once more after completion of her third Furtherance S_K was appointed as the Underfacilitator of FAC34 also referred to as W.A.F.T. Weaponization and Advanced Fear Tactics. They were based near the frontlines and granted a tribe of Testificates and POWs as test subjects. It was their job to create such devastating projects that would inspire fear and doubt in the enemy.

An idea inserted in Richard Solomon made him contact the Council who approved of his idea and granted him funding and a Facility to work from. To S_K Solomon was a joke of a man, more concerned with fortune and fame than with using his skills to further the State. Yet she worked for him as Underfacilitator.

Personnel Edit

Five individuals made the core of research within the FAC. Aside from S_K there were:

Richard Solomon, his proficiency in weapons and machinery should have aided the FAC but his narrow-minded vision on money had made his efforts and contributions minimal.

Mark Francisi, a good friend of Solomon and proficient at Psychology and Behavioural studies.

M_Q, a talented vivisector and surgeon was a young man, only his fear of humans kept him from being a psychopath. Due to his fear he was granted the ability to study Testificates with whom he communicated easily and used this talent to lure them into a false sense of security only to experiment on them. Madness and fascination made him alter one of his arms into that of a Testificate, the use of small hairs that act like velcro has made him more dextrous.

Myriam Gallileo, an elder Citizen and acknowledged professional for her work with creatures that exhibit unusual traits. Her favourite amongst these being the Silverfish. Within FAC34, it is her goal to use their seamless blending into the stone as a means of improving camouflage or even improving remote detonations.

S_K Device - ESCAPE Device Edit

The breakthrough of FAC34 was established with the first project to come out of it and be actively used by the military. It was a contribution of S_K with some small collaboration on M_Q's side.

It was an mesh of Robotics and Explosives inserted within a wounded enemy soldier. The device would be calibrated to the individual soldier, lengthening his life by hours if possible either by regulating the heart or coagulating the blood to allow for less bloodloss. As the soldier was hauled back to the sickbay there were multiple ways for the device to explode, upon the hearth stopping, upon the significant lowering of the heart rate (by means of morphine) or upon dislocating the device (by the doctor or by the patient's own wriggling). The device charged with explosives and shrapnel would render all sickbays into a bloodbath taking with it a large chunk of the people around and destroying all objects within the vicinity. This had the further effect of enemy soldiers being doubting of their own wounded soldiers, afraid that they might kill more to safe their own life. Countless men were left to die on the battlefield if only by conditioned fear.

After S_K's dishonourable actions the device was renamed to the ESCAPE Device.

Fall of S_K Edit

S_K's desertion can only be contributed to Richard Solomon, the petty Citizen thief who had not expected a State-hound to watch over his every move within his own facility.

After having attempted such things as assassination and professional negligence to rid himself of S_K in the hopes of having an easier to intimidate Ward as his Underfacilitator he finally succeeded in destroying her.

Using her undying loyalty to the State he send out unfinished and even scrapped prototypes of a project through to the army under the guise of functioning final products using her name. Being scrapped or unfinished for good reasons the following bloodbath had S_K's name on it.

In collaboration with his daughter, a lawyer, the evidence against S_K was manufactured and seamlessly crafted out of nothing eventually sentencing her to death for ‘Professional Negligence’, ‘Conspiracy against the State’, multiple counts of ‘Manslaughter’ and ‘Grand Larceny’.

She was to be hanged until death in public. It was an unexpected relation to a person that ensured her survival.

Deserters Edit

Early Years Edit

Adding to the list of crimes behind her name would be 'Desertion' once she had successfully left the State. The first months she did little but wander, doubt herself or cry as her own Mother had believed a lie over the truth.

She build a small shack somewhere near a swamp, certain that no State officer would come out that far to search her. It was only with the arrival of someone new in her life that she gathered the guts and the belief in herself to fight against the injustice that had been done to her.

FAC91 Edit

Using the shell of an old Waste Disposal Facility S_K rebuild it as a semi-functioning Facility, enlisting other deserters from the State to join her in an attack against the State's Regime. In this time her Furtherances have helped her both to survive, to intimidate or even to enlist the people she wishes to join her little cause.

Her Death Edit

The Deserters went through an amount of members but ultimately the group was doomed to fall apart with Cy having fled, Cain leaving for Katton on less than agreeable terms and Lartin feeling more at home with the Castle Crew.

There were two more members who held on a while longer but ultimately Frances left and with only Desmond and herself to fend for the destruction of the State it simply was not to be.

S_K sought new allies and found them through Lartin in the Castle Crew where she quickly befriended another former member of the State who was less than happy with the way they did things. Working together they had great plans for the future which they would see realised had it not been for the Taint.

Nights called upon her older ally to help her take care of a disease that was quickly going through her friends and members of the Castle Crew.

Acting upon her honour and respect for Nights S_K immediately went to the Castle to see how she could be of help. Being assigned as a rather ill-fit nurse she cared for the patients until one night during the Blood Moon when one of the patients transformed into a tainted, mutated monster that swiftly ended her life.

Character Relations Edit

Lartin Edit

Lartin was the first to join the Deserters. Even as a Citizen she accepted him into her ranks but as is natural to her personality she does not trust him. His background is vague and unfamiliar to her but she doesn't mind as he neither knows of her origin. Lartin has shown himself to be a dedicated scout, excellent gunman and phenomenal combatant and has earned her respect in the process.

Problems arose with Lartin shortly after other people were introduced to FAC91, being a guardian of the innocent she has witnessed him disobeying her orders, threaten her own plans or make illogical decisions. He has once been reprimanded for his faults, other punishments might follow.

Cyborg Edit

An uncertainty from the start. A cyborg that Lartin suddenly appeared with. Sceptical from the start of someone who is partially mechanical, S_K found little surprise in her sudden defection from the Deserters. But in her ever so controlling personality she does not allow such rude and disrespectful behaviour to go by unpunished. Cyborg will be reprimanded upon sight.

Cain Edit

A young engineer she welcomed into FAC91 as his knowledge of machinery would help to bring meat to the dying carcass of FAC91. As with all her followers she is incapable of trust. She finds it obvious that he was raised on the fringes of the State as his accidents seem to be more frequent than those of herself or Lartin.

Having used up the last of S_K's patience she has cut ties officially with the fringeward. Only his connection to Katton had saved him from certain death even as Frances had come close to actually realising it.

S_K despises him and if he is foolish enough to attempt to harm her or her cause he may wish that Frances had taken his life on that faithful day


Upon discovery of the inactive robot S_K's first instinct was to strip it for parts. The last thing she needed was another uncertainty in her life. Through the perseverance of Cain she allowed him to activate the robot with the condition he do it in his spare time. Being low on allies as it was she figured it best to keep Cain on her side and possibly gain a new one even if it was a robot. Her distrust towards the robot and distaste was clear from the moment it approached her. She allowed him the place he needed to function if it would be useful to the Deserters.

With Cain's rebellion and removal from the Deserters TYBALT has no place amongst the Deserters anymore.

Frances E. Graye Edit

The first captive of the Silo. Hauled back to the FAC with the intention of milking her for all information they had and possibly using her as the test subject for a certain room S_K has since changed her mind on Miss Graye. While there is no mentioning of trust she has come to realise Frances' worth to the efforts of the Deserters even if she knows Frances is only there for her own goals. The efficiency within her tells her to keep Frances on her side by most means possible though her patience with the young woman is slowly running out, especially with her sheer stubborn attitude and non-compliance. For now Frances is more worth it to keep her on S_K's side.

After a while Frances and S_K have come to a mutual understanding and are attempting to work together as equals. Whilst both realise the other has her own agenda they simply go with it as this is a feat they cannot realise alone.

'Katton' Edit

An accidental meeting if anything. Being indebted to them via the treatment of Cain she worked part time on the rocket that was supposed to send two rather loud individuals back to their place of origin. Within Katton she has met with several others, some she knows better, some she doesn't know at all. Overall she worked to keep them friendly finding that antagonising them would not aid them and realising that with the slip-ups of the Silo they could be used as allies in a war that is almost surely to come.

Ultimately due to disagreements and the influence of a member who proved to have a different look on the Deserters an alliance became impossible and eventually ended in banishment. Aggrivated S_K left the former Deserter there but took her materials and knowledge back with her.

Nights Edit

Finding that a former member of the Silo had the same stance as herself on the State she had one of her members contact her and through him met up with the Asset 4_2 who also went under the name 'Nights'. They left on friendly terms, as with Katton leaving one of her members to follow his own path with the Castle Crew.

Later on when the Taint affected the Castle Crew Nights called upon S_K to help in any way possible. Being honourable and respecting of Nights she agreed and went to the Castle Crew to function as a nurse for the sickly.

Ultimately this encounter would prove to be her end as a Blood Moon influenced Blue saw her as prey.

Fics related to S_K Edit


Path to Treason - S_K backstory Edit

The story of how S_K fell from State graces and how she became the cold, unmoving woman she is today.

Part One: Soldier Larvae Edit

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • S_K is assigned to her FAC
  • Cast: S_K, Richard Solomon
  • Warnings: None, for now
  • Words: 1500

Part Two: Offense and Introductions

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • FAC34 is opened
  • Cast: S_K, Richard Solomon, C_R, mentions of others
  • Warnings: Animal death, animal abuse, light violence
  • Words: 2000

Part Three: Value of Gold

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • S_K watches the Officer doing his work as she awaits her appointment
  • Cast: S_K, Double Oscar, Synott Cesare
  • Warnings: Torture (device : Heretic's fork), burning, creepiness, mentions of old-fashioned medical practices
  • Words: 1800

Part Four: Match me sip by sip

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • A trade negotiation is made
  • Cast: S_K, Synott Cesare
  • Warnings: Creepiness, Forced actions, Bad language (f-word)
  • Words: 700

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