Player celestialrequiem
Faction Unafiliated
Species Human
Age Late 30s
Current Residence Katton/Deserter Base
Place of Origin AJCO
Status Alive

Specialty Thaumic Research
Height 5'7"
Weight 120lbs

'"Resident Dramaturge"

Blahblahblah stuff here



Requiem is a thin, bony woman of average height with tan skin, white hair, and gold eyes. Her body is covered in scars from years of abuse. One under and one over her right eye and another over her right eye that goes down the right side of her nose. There are scars from restraints around her wrists and ankles as well as a large number of scars from various things on her back. There is also faint scarring from a y-incision and on the palm of her left hand is a spiral-shaped brand. She is also missing her pointer and middle finger on the left hand.

Though there usually aren't any outwardly noticable features of this, in the center of her chest is a Thaumic wisp. The only visible manifestation of this is the white glow of her eyes when she's using a large amount of magic. 


Requiem is quiet and unassuming, often going completely unnoticed. She speaks in nervous tones and seems to be anxious most of the time. Her opinion of herself is very low and after everything that has happened and that she's done, she finds it hard to see many redeeming qualities in herself.

However, she's very good at putting on a smile for the sake of others, especially for those she cares about. Their needs and happiness come before her own and she's willing to sacrafice anything for them. Even her own life.

Before AJCO

Born to a family with little money in a country outside of the State's control, Requiem's life was difficult from the beginning. Her mother died from an infection shortly after she was born due to a lack of sufficient medical facilities in their area. She was left to be raised by her inattentive father and doting grandfather. But only a few years later her grandfather died as well and having no desire to raise the child himself, her father sold Requiem to slavers. The next several decades were spent working tirelessly until her eventual death.

And then the State got a hold of her corpse though questionable means. A team researching the applications of Thaumaturgy were able to resurrect her using a Wisp. She was their first and only successful subject and the team performed many experiments on her until their department was shut down. She was deemed too valuable to be disposed of, so instead she was stuffed in a cell and left to rot.


Thaumic Research

Mirror World and Departure from AJCO

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