Predicted Unit: Cyborg
Player PredictedCyborg
Faction Neutral
Species Cyborg/Human
Age Early 20s
Current Residence N/A
Place of Origin Unknown
Status Alive

"I forgot what I once remembered...''

Predicted Unit: Cyborg, often known as Cyborg or Cy to friends is a Neutral travelling cyborg wandering the mainland of the AJCO server on a quest to rediscover who she is.



Cyborg is a young woman in her early-20s with brunette hair that reaches halfway down her back, a height of 5'5 and of a slim wiry build. She is a slightly tanned caucasian human and her natural eyecolour is a dark blue. She has a few visible cybernetics, including a purple lensed right cybereye with a slim metal outline along the top and a silvery earcap made of two flat cylindrical shapes with an aerial sticking up parallel to her head. She also has tiny metallic parts around the knees of both legs although these are usually hidden by the legs of her trousers.

She is always seen wearing her outfit of choice which is a smart white blouse, a black blazer with purple lining, a black tie, smart black shoes and tan cargo trousers. She calls this her 'casual-smart' look.

Cybernetics & AbilitiesEdit

  • Cybereye (some night-vision, makes world half-purple in tone)
  • Earcap (hearing range slightly expanded on the high-frequency end, might pick up radio signals on occasion, contains a rarely seen and used radio transmitter)
  • Metallic braces (part of internal leg cybernetics; see below)
  • Connections from eye and ear to brain (enables feedback from cybernetic facial parts to reach brain)
  • Spine (bracing and spring-loaded to absorb shock of leaps)
  • Legs (bracing and servo system to allow for greater jump height and speed)


Cyborg is a sometimes erratic, but very friendly person. She seems to have a need to be constantly on the move and travelling to new places, but has shown that she can settle down in one place long enough to do something important to her.

She's very concerned about people liking her and will often try to bribe people with the numerous pieces of food she carries about with her, having become somewhat obsessed with food and making it while shipwrecked on her jungle island for a few years.

Currently she is missing a lot of her memories from her life before she ended up on her island, but has recalled enough to know that she has tangled with people in the past who didn't like her much and some who even experimented upon her. She also has a connection with the Deserters, having been a member of the group for a short while before leaving - the details are still muddy to her right now.

As her memories have come back she has grown a little bit more concerned with making sure nothing terrible happens to the friendlier members of the mainland, often by passing along information to people. This has gotten her into trouble.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is remembered about her early life.

She knows that someone who loved her very much was responsible for the cybernetics placed inside her legs and spine, although not the context around the operation. She then recalls that a long time later she was imprisoned inside a State Research Base where they were trying to see what made her tick. She also recalls the terrible starvation they put her through in an attempt to see if electricity and other energies could 'energise' her.

Lartin has now told her that he found her imprisoned in a State Research Base and took her with him to the Deserter camp, although those memories still haven't returned to her yet. Her most recent pre-island memory is that of a disagreement that made her flee the Deserters base in a little boat, only to end up in the storm that would eventually shipwreck her.

AJCO-era lifeEdit

Cyborg washed up on the shore of Katton one stormy night after having attempted to sail back to the mainland at last and gotten shipwrecked again. She fortunately met Kaja almost immediately who took her back to the motel and together with Crez persuaded her that she was safe here. She then met Egg and Kube when she got caught staring through their window at them and during the resulting conversation realised that actually she was missing an awful lot of information in her backstory.

She then left Katton with Kaja's farewell and a wish to see her again and spent a long time travelling across the wide continent, running into Lartin along the way (and then running away from him) until she inadvertedly stumbled into a wonderful, colourful garden sandwiched between two mountains. When she saw a tail hanging from a tree she poked it and in doing so met Blue who she then became friends with, immediately running off with her to the Silo to keep the skywolf company while she kept a watch for Nights who was still inside the Silo.

Unfortunately when she left to look for food, she returned to find the skywolf missing and a trail of blood leading towards the Silo. She fled back to Katton where she enlisted the help of Kaja and the two of them returned just in time to find Blue abandoned in the barley field and coming to. Together the two of them helped get the skywolf home and upon meeting with the rest of the Castle Crew, Cyborg took it upon herself to stay with Blue until she was sure her friend was completely better.

During this time she visited Will to see if she could regain her former cybernetic-leaping abilities and in the process rediscovered the presence of the cybernetic parts of her body. Will managed to fix the small servos in her legs and she again gained the power to leap higher than a normal human could.

Eventually she left the Castle area to find a place to set up her own home on this side of the ocean (given that her home of the last few years was now on the other side of an ocean), bumping into a dazed, tired and amnesiac Mei whom she fed and took to Katton to get Kaja's help with finding 'Clover'. Arriving there she passed Mei into Kaja's care and took up the undead canine's offer of help building a place of her own once she found a spot for it. Together they built a little eatery christened The Beach Shack and Mei asked to stay with Cy, the cyborg accepting her new friend into the home.

While resting at Katton she encountered Lartin again and this time approached him herself, almost demanding of him answers about what he knew of her past. She is now more aware of treatment she received as a test subject prisoner and of the name of one person she ought to avoid for her own safety: S_K. She would later meet S_K on the edge of the crater for their former home - FAC91 and trade words with her while temporarily recalling most of her Deserter related memories.

Somehow after leaving the crater Cy wandered back towards the Castle area, being rescued from freezing to death by Curls. She has now met Nights and turned down the offer to become Crew - at least for the present. However while she is unsure how she ended up back near the Crew she does recall that she heard... something. She was made to leave the Castle area after transmitting the information that S_K was visiting the Crew towards Katton, fearful that any future battles might negatively impact the cherry blossom village. She also attempted to warn Nights that S_K just saw the members of the Crew as nothing more than mere tools in her scheme to destroy the Silo, something Nights was not impressed with hearing. She has now sworn that she will not head back to the Castle area again for a long time.

Mei has convinced her since she got home to put her quest for self-discovery to one side for the moment and the two are concentrating now on preparing the Beach Shack for its grand opening.

Character RelationsEdit

Considers Blue to be the closest thing she has to a 'best friend' although deep down inside she doubts Blue will feel the same way about her.

Gets on well with the majority of the Castle Crew, bar Krauzer whom she had one brief argument with once and hasn't interacted with again.

At first she quite liked Nights but now feels that the leader of the Crew has treated her unfairly by turning her away and forcing her to leave, as did many other random people in her past.

Friendly with Katton residents and will often go to Kaja if she needs help with something bigger than she feels able to deal with.

Is confused about Lartin, not quite able to remember him from her previous meetings before sailing away from the mainland. She has however gained enough trust in him that she is bold enough to approach him for answers about their shared past.

Since the incident with Blue being kidnapped has a minor grudge against Silo residents borne out of desire to avenge a friend and her previous experiences as a State test subject.

Mei is also a close friend and stays with Cy to help prepare the Beach Shack for opening.

Quirks and Habits Edit

Somewhat food-obsessed, possibly as a result of starvation in her past.

Will sometimes start talking to herself in the middle of a conversation with another person, before returning to the conversation at hand.

Will run the letters of Ward names into one word (e.g. 'Esskay' for S_K), unless she is operating with more recalled memories.

Seems unable to stay in one place very long and often leaves somewhere without saying a proper goodbye (e.g. left a note for Blue when she first left the Castle area)

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