A Murder Mystery event for Halloween 2014. It was arranged by AJ, Pythos, Val, Max, and Catter, and presented to the server on Nov. 1, 2014.

This event is considered AU, as it does not take place in the AJCO canon universe.

Scenario Edit

"At a formal State dinner, the hostess is late for her own soiree. She is found, strung to a tree, ostensibly poisoned to death, and soaked in an oily substance, her mouth full of mushrooms. She is an Auditor - and the mystery of her death will unravel the assembled guests."

Cast Edit

8_6 Edit

"Last year, Frances E. Graye attended this very same dinner, not as a Butler-slave tasked with keeping the mansion, but as a guest of the highest honour. Denounced by her jealous peers - some of whom are seated at the dining table - she was Audited, branded, and committed to service. Now she toils under the heel of the very same Auditor that was responsible for her fall from grace - and subsequent reformation..."

The Redribbon Edit

"Those Wards with Furtherance in the finest culinary arts are awarded a red ribbon of distinction, and are known by their title, 'Redribbon.' Akin to head chefs, these Wards are experts not only in the preparation and serving of food, but the biochemical and psychological aspect of taste. Each has a speciality, a theme. For some that is abundance, for others, the sweetness of decay. This Redribbon aims for a masterpiece of exquisite culinary cruelty. Expect still-living fried fish, Ortolan drowned in cognac, boiled lobsters and sweet wines pressed with the tears of your enemies. She is the personal live-in chef of the Auditor, whose bland tastes frustrate her deeply… "

Facilitator S_K Edit

"After long, painful years as an unremarkable Ward Underfacilitator, S_K’s inventiveness and casual disregard for life earned her distinction for developing practical, efficient, brutal weapons that devastated the morale of the State’s opponents. Now, she presides over a well-funded, well-staffed, and well-managed FAC. But even the best Facilitators must be purged and all end their lives in the same way; publicly burned on the Icarus Tree. Time is running out for the aging S_K, and she’s seen the Auditor’s collection of ashes…"

Myles Woodrow Edit

"Botanist. Developer of the plant-like apsinthOS network AI and a primary rival to Frances E. Graye, Myles replaces her in her Facility. An envious man, he greatly dislikes Wards and secretly will not work alongside them. He has denounced the several that have been sent to his Facility. But this, in itself, is a crime worthy of Audit, and suspicions have been levelled at him..."

Number One Edit

"Number One was half of an exalted musical duo along with his Cellist and lover. His gift for complex, wild, emotional compositions that could only be realised by his partner earned them both the highest accolades of State. No other musician was gifted enough to bring his dark compositions alive - and now his partner is dead. Condemned by the Auditor. Bereft and grieving, Number One attends the dinner alone, mocked gently in his mourning by the others…"

Act One Edit

Act Two Edit

Act Three Edit

Denouncement Edit

Reveal Edit

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