this is a whole lot of fancy biz i dont want to get involved in
— mei, upon arrival at AJCO
Meihex A. Axura
mei, post-void

Player bandetto
Faction Unaffiliated
Species Extinct Ancient Canine
Age 333
Current Residence Katton
Place of Origin Imvelaphi Village
Status Recently reanimated; amnesiac

Specialty Mortician, Funeral Director, Nurse
Height 6'11', 182 cm
Weight 247 lbs, 112 kg

Meihex Azure Axura is an ancient, undead canine mortician who is currently trying to recover her memories.


Description Edit

Mei is tall and lanky, all points with broad shoulders. She has messy, flea-bitten dark green fur with black on  the tips of her ears and the end of her tail. Her left eye is reddish, and her right eye is missing entirely. She has black eyeliner under both of her eyes, though the right side of her face is currently marked with Void residue. She has long black claws and a snaggletooth.

Mei is technically immortal. Her body very slowly produces Spring Water in her blood which circulates through her torso only. She cannot feel pain in her arms or her head, and any scars on her arms or her head will not heal, unlike ones on her torso/legs/tail/etc.

Personality Edit

Mei is relatively strange, with her odd accent and attitude. She has a very strong sense of justice. She is usually very trusting of others and sees no reason to be dishonest or cruel in the way that she does things. She always wants to do whatever is best for her friends, and hates making enemies. She tends to try to bring a lighthearted feeling to the atmosphere by cracking jokes and giving others ridiculous nicknames. Mei strongly respects the dead, seeing as her job revolves around them, and as such takes great offense when proper burials aren't given. She thinks dearly of all of her friends and is prone to launching into stories about her past with them, though not as often as of recently because of her amnesia. She also strongly believes that behind every prickly, irritable, or downright dangerous character is a mushy lovable person that could use another friend.

Early Life Edit

Mei was very feral as a pup, raised in a small village in an Origin biome known as Imvelaphi Village. Ancient Minecraftian was her native language, though she cannot remember it very well due to not having spoke it in such a long while. When she was 16, her clan was captured and contained in a science facility. She was selfish, and rather than risk her life to save the rest of her kind, she let the facility self-destruct and escaped, rending her the last of her species. Shortly after when she was 18, she discovered a Fountain of Youth and drank from it to become "immortal".

By the time Mei turned 320, she had been traveling the world for a very long time and had learned a large variety of languages. While she was traveling across the sea to take an island vacation, she came across a Stronghold. And within it, she was attacked, having both her head and her arms cleanly severed from her body. Being immortal, she did recover them, and fled to the island paradise. She resided there for 2 years, where she met Clovis and Dell. However, the residents of the island were forced to evacuate from a corrupt Wither Virus eating the land away.

FFL Edit

After fleeing from the island, Mei and Clovis spent time at FFL, which is where she met Nights and Crez. At that time, Mei was the mortician for Clovis and Crez's hospital. But tensions were high between Nights and Crez, and with a lie Crez made that would cost his life, the terrible incident that happened was unavoidable. As a result, Mei's left eye was damaged by Clovis, and the group was torn apart. Mei and Clovis traveled together from then on.


10 years later, Mei arrived during the time of AJCO 8, along with Clovis and an alternate universe Crez. At first, Mei and Clovis mistook that Crez to be the one that had died in FFL, but it was soon obvious that they were not the same Crez, though he seemed to retain those memories. She was also at A_J's trial and transported to the new world. There, she hosted Holar's funeral and spent a majority of her time with the Castle Crew. However, she made a misstep and drank alcohol. It had a very negative affect on her. Drunk and in pain, she wandered into the woods and fell into a hole leading to Void. When she returned, her memories were cluttered, even missing entirely. The only source of information she has to know who she was is a journal of her alternate self. Though, she seems to recognize the faces of those who have had long-term void exposure.

Character Relations Edit

Mei is married to Clovis, and they have been in a relationship for 10 years.

Mei and Nights have been acquainted for quite some time, and Mei considers her to be one of her best friends.

Mei and Blue, being both canine, get along quite well.

Mei has have previous hostilities towards Crez due to the incidents in the past and due to the fact that the old version of him was in a relationship with Clovis.

Mei dislikes Breyos for his disrespect of the dead.

Mei thinks A_J is very unfortunate, but does not outright hate her, possibly because of admiration for her flawless hair.

Mei and Finn are apparently very close friends, and she often reminisces on the times they would watch cheesy horror movies together.

Mei can relate with Cy a lot, and now thinks of her as like a sister.

Trivia Edit


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