Lennart Pengersen
Player Ebansu
Faction The Border Machinists (Leader and CEO, Founder, CFO, etc etc)
Species Human
Age 60ish
Current Residence The Border Machinists Island Compound
Place of Origin The Northlands, Pi-Tec Universe
Status Alive

Specialty Business!
Height 6'1ish
Lennart Pengersen is a businessman and engineer, originating in the Pi-Tec universe. He is originally from the Northlands, a barren and arid land of thick snow and welding metal. After approaching each of its' members individually and offering them deals that would be difficult to refuse, Lennart has formed his own company, Border Machinists Inc.

Business was well and truly opened with a loud and boasting radio transmission, played across as many receiving frequencies as he was able to find. Lennart offers his team's engineering expertise to anyone willing to pay, remaining mostly neutral.

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