Player Lartin
Faction Deserters
Species Human (technically)
Age 22
Current Residence FAC91
Place of Origin unknown state city
Status alive

Specialty Guns and any other weapon
Height 6ft 2
Weight 83Kg

Lartin Edit

Lartin is an ex military officer of the State army. He deserted after one mission due to being given an order he could not comply with. This resulted in the death of his team and mission failure. Since he has joined up with the deserters.

Description Edit

Lartin is six feet tall with a lean, rugged build. His hair is brown and medium length, though he prefers it short. He simply has yet to find someone who could give him a suitable haircut. His eyes are dark green, flecked with blue and yellow.

Lartin is known to always wear his jacket and carry some form of a gun at all times, even when sleeping.

Personality Edit

Despite his cold and emotionless exterior, Lartin is actually a warm and protective person. Years of mistrust, isolation and manipulations has caused him to become deeply suspicious of those around him. He has a certain fondness of Assets, as he views them as people that have been forced by the State into the position they are in. He believes they could be the key to a State in which all are equal and not ruled through terror.

Early Life Edit

Lartin grew up in a mid-sized State city. From a young age he was shown to be smart and protective of those around him. He hoped to study medicine and help treat the ill and wounded of the State. He enlisted in the State front-line infantry at age fifteen, lying about his age. In the Infantry, he showed promised and was quickly promoted, as he was adept at using most weapons. By age 19, he was captain of a state death squad of his very own. Eventually, he was sent on the mission that could cause him to go AWOL; a mission to clear out a village housing "enemies of the State".

Desertion and Present Time Edit

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