Cy and koot
Kutya (pictured right)

Faction N/A
Species Human
Age 19
Current Residence Undetermined
Place of Origin Unknown
Status Alive

Specialty Anarchy (debatable)
Height 5'10" / 177 cm
Weight 144 lbs / 65.3 kg

Kutya is a young, fiery anarchist and/or sadomasochist.

Description Edit

Kutya is a wiry trans indian dude who's usually got a grin on his face. He has a freckled, reddish complexion with dark circles under his eyes and unkempt dark brown hair. His outfit is normally a pilot's jacket, a coonskin hat, a knife holster and french army trousers/boots. There is a red bandana around his right arm. He is also missing his right leg below the knee and has an artificial replacement.

Kutya is very agile, and would be more so if not for his artificial leg. More often than not, he'll be covered in bruises, scratches, and bandages - though he states he likes it that way.

Kutya is usually seen carrying around a small golf bag. It's contents include things like throwing knives, beef jerky, countless packets of cigarettes, basic living supplies, a hockey stick, and a wooden bat with nails in it.

Personality Edit

Kutya is aggressively outgoing, and has a tendency to mess with people constantly just to get what he wants. He has a take-no-shit attitude and is honest to where he may come off as rude or cold. He likes to taunt and tease people and doesn't like to comply with orders. He is very expressive when he talks, especially with his hands. Kutya usually pretends to be aloof and uncaring, but he easily gets attached to people if they aren't initially turned away from him. When with people he likes, he tends to be just a bit more amiable and thoughtful.

Kutya is already a little violent by nature, and will repeatedly pick fights even when it is inappropriate or unnecessary, just to get hurt or see blood get spilled. Despite this, he only really likes violence when he can fight back - he is disturbed from the thought or mention of vivisections/dissections. He additionally has an irrational fear of needles and sometimes scalpels.

Some of Kutya's delusions that affect him frequently the belief that he is being watched constantly by State personnel, that he cannot eat food prepared by others for the fear that it is poisoned, and that he cannot eat apples for they are inherently laced with large amounts of cyanide rather than trace amounts.

He is often mistaken for having the Sight, as he expresses that his hallucinations include shadowy humanoid figures which he refers to as "his ghosts". Among that, his hallucinations contain hearing people calling his name, tasting blood in his mouth, or having hands crawl on his shoulders. Because of this, he'll frequently make gestures where he will brush at his shoulders mid-conversation.

Kutya appears to have a soft spot for animals, specifically canines and rats. Rats in particular often seem to be drawn to him, as he always ends up feeding them and being affectionate with them. He also has an interest in botany though it has visibly faded over the years.

Early Life Edit

Nobody is actually completely sure what Kutya's real backstory is. He tells a different story every time, about everything: his childhood, his home, his full name, his missing leg, his numerous and plentiful scars. It is unknown whether he lies to hide something, or if he has delusions about his past, or that one of the many stories is actually true.

However, Kutya seems to have some sort of past involvement with the State, seeing as he knows about them fairly decently and often explicitly states his hatred towards members of the State. It is possible his phobia of vivisections/needles and the like is stemmed from past trauma involving the State.

Trivia Edit

  • Takes great joy in mocking members of the State and calling them "Motherfuckers".
  • Is ambidextrous and can't actually tell his left from his right.
  • Has Paranoid Schizophrenia and possibly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Smokes frequently, or whenever he can.
  • Is extremely flexible to the point where he could almost be considered a contortionist.
  • Has trouble sleeping and will stay up smoking most nights.
  • Despite bragging about his ambiguous acts of violence, he has never held a gun in his life.
  • Is aromantic and bisexual.
  • Actually develops a bit of a crush on like 85% of the people he meets.
  • Stims by tapping his nails and/or heels rhythmically on hard surfaces.

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