Krauzer, as drawn by Holarctic.

Player Krauzer168
Faction The Castle Crew
Species Human
Current Residence Castle Town
Place of Origin Unknown
Status Alive

Specialty Thaumaturgy

Description Edit

Krauzer, one of the mages of the Castle Crew. He focuses on Thaumaturgy, and more precisely, it's offensive capabilities. He can often be rash and hot headed but, more often than not, he has the rest of the crew with him to keep him calm.

Physically, Krauzer is of an average height, and is fairly slim. He has short/medium brown hair, which is always combed back. His left eye is green, but his right has changed over time to a purple colour. Surrounding this eye also, his skin has started to change, seeming spreading out from his eye.


Early Life Edit

Krauzer lost his parents at a very young age.

Krauzer's mother died during his birth, in 'mysterious' circumstances, as did his twin sister. Krauzer had a strange link to the world of magic which he could not control. Before his first birthday, this power got out of control and he murdered his father.

After the death of his parents he was looked after by mysterious stranger.

Krauzer's spent most of his life being trained by this stranger in the magical art of Thaumaturgy. This is where he learned most of his skills. But while with him he was treated like crap, always looked down upon by his then master.

Krauzer could only take so much of this, one day he took his staff and attempted to murder his master. Before he could deal the fatal blow, his master opened a rift in time and space. Krauzer fell through this void and reappeared in the AJCO world.

AJCO Life Edit

Thaumaturgy Edit

Krauzer has never specialised in his Thaumcraft practice. He has mainly focused on offensive magic in the past to go along with his aggressive personality, his favoured wand foci to be the Nine Hells.

However, he has started researching and practising an art that he is calling Direct Essentia Manipulation. This involves him using raw liquid essentia in a variety of way to alter and interact with the surrounding environment.

Direct Essentia Manipulation Edit

Below are the list of know effects that Krauzer has researched.

Alienis Edit

Creating spirals and tendrils to constrict opponents.

Ignis Edit

Creating fire and explosive projectiles.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

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