Katton is a town on the water, a safe haven for anyone who doesn't affiliate with the State or the Crew. Kaja is the mayor, Crez her clerk, and everyone living in the town is under Kaja's professional Protection. Violence is not permitted, and any who break this rule will answer to Kaja, and probably her sword too.




The original Katton was an abandoned testificate village southwest of Pi-TEC, found by Kaja as everyone dropped into the world after the Needle was activated for the last time. The Crew sheltered there for the first week or two before setting off to build their castle somewhere else.

Originally it was just Kaja and Crez living there, slowly building up the buildings in town, but close to the Infiltration arc, Lorelei moved nearby. The most notable building was the server Bank, in front of which Sexy Pride Day happened.

(New) KattonEdit


New Katton. Most of it, at least.

The land for New Katton was discovered by Egg and Kube, and a settlement was quickly established. Now, the town is sprawled across a rather large lake, and houses just over quadruple its original inhabitants, with a wider spread of buildings and resources available to use. Kaja is much more protective of this town and the people in it, now that she knows precisely what could befall them.

Current Population Edit

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