Frances E. Graye
Player Pythosblaze
Faction None
Species Human (Cyborg)
Age 35
Current Residence Avalon
Status Unknown

Specialty Cybernetics, Robotics, Genetic Manipulation
Height 5'8"
Frances Eloise Graye is a Citizen of the State, and the former second in command at AJCO. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Frances is a fairly average height, with slim hips and broad shoulders made even more broad by her twin mechanical arms. She is a cyborg, with a large number of augmentations and replacements throughout her body. Most are internal, but both arms and a few panels attached to the upper portions of her spine are visible. She is heavily scarred, from a combination of injuries and self-inflicted wounds during the installation of various pieces of machinery. Frances' skin is tinged blue, and anything pink or red on a human will be a deep teal on her. This is due to the fact that her blood is blue. It is a synthetic blood surrogate created to better suit the needs of her partly mechanical body, and carries away toxins as well as delivering oxygen.


Frances in her underwear and usual work clothing, respectively

Also immediately obvious are her pointed teeth and very long, forked tongue (that she is quite fond of displaying). This is the result of an experiment that was more successful than intended.

Frances has a set of numbers and a barcode tattooed on the back of her left shoulder. These, along with the now-missing tattoos on her right arm would have indicated physical information about her along with a prisoner number and the time and date set for her execution. She was fairly proud of these tattoos, as they were evidence of cheating death.

The Doctor has all of these tattoos intact, apart from the date and time of execution. She was never sentenced to death.


A hot-headed romantic with a mean streak a mile wide, Frances has a tendency to put up a brash and aggressive front, and can easily come across as childish or unreasonably confrontational. While this is often how she genuinely is, there is a great deal more to her as a person that most will never see.

She is prone to obsession, if some desire or objective catches her interest strongly enough. This, paired with her tendency to have a somewhat unrealistic hero complex when it comes to the very few people she cares about, can be extremely dangerous for her and anyone involved.

Early Life

As a Citizen, Frances had a very comfortable childhood. The Graye family were old money, and very established in the hierarchy of the State. She was privately tutored in history, language, and the physical sciences, as well as taught to play the piano. She excelled in the sciences, and took a great deal of interest in pre-war literature, becoming extremely absorbed in works of fiction. Stories appealed more to Frances than real life did.

This became more true when her uncle was assassinated. It was claimed to be an assassination by enemies of the State, but there are always rumors that it may not have been so simple...

Eventually, Frances was sent to school for her higher education, and State-required training.


Following in the footsteps of her mother, Frances pursued the study and development of Artificial Intelligence when she was sent to a school for high-performing Citizens.

After a year of studying AI, Frances developed an interest in robotics and biotechnology, and ended up switching her course of study to Advanced Robotics, and eventually Biotechnological Integration. Through the study of these fields, she picked up a fair amount of skill in Cybernetics, particularly with sensory inputs. This would later become her greatest area of expertise, and would earn her a lofty position in State technological development.

Cybernetics and Augmentations

Frances has an ever-increasing collection of cybernetic enhancements and augmentations, which she constantly adjusts, augments, or upgrades. She builds all of them herself, sometimes from scrap metal and broken pieces of robotics if she can't get her hands on anything better.


  • Most obvious are her mechanical arms. Her original arms were lost in a lab explosion during the Hydra Project (with one being ripped off completely and the other taking several days to succumb to the deeply embedded shrapnel). These are a highly sophisticated hybrid of motor-driven cables and artificial muscle integrated directly into her central nervous system.

    Sketch of Frances's arms

    • Each arm contains a compact sensor unit connected to pads on her fingers and palm, and a converter to allow the sensors to communicate with the truncated nerves in her shoulders. These are capable of sensing pressure, temperature, and texture.
    • Her fingers contain a set of replaceable, retractable tungsten carbide claws. She favors hand-to-hand combat, and these are generally used in such situations. However, she frequently uses them for intimidation purposes, or to scratch particularly stubborn itches.
  • There are a series of articulated panels riveted to her cervical vertebrae. These contain ports that serve a few different purposes.
    • First and foremost, the largest port allows access to her heart without creating an incision. The same port can also be used to access her bloodstream, which is necessary if she loses a large amount of blood, is poisoned, or it simply needs to be changed due to toxin levels.
    • The smaller port above this allows access to the small memory card wired in to her brain. Such implants are not uncommon among Citizens, as they are useful for storing and copying information. This is essentially a spare hard drive for her memory. Her card, however, has not been in place since her Processing before joining AJCO.
    • There is another small port to either side of the large one. These allow access to the converter units in each shoulder.


  • Frances's heart is mechanical, and has a fifth and sixth chamber separate from the other four. These are devoted to the coolant supply for her internal cybernetics. This is a viscous, sapphire blue fluid, and would be visible in her blood if a coolant duct were breached. She removed her original heart voluntarily, to test a promising prosthetic model.
  • There is a small power supply in the form of a compact atomic battery, positioned to the left of her heart.
  • Both kidneys have been replaced with a mechanical purifier. The originals were removed when one was destroyed by the same shrapnel that took her arms.
  • Her left lung and bronchus were replaced with a lab-grown transplant after being attacked with an enchanted dagger. The enchantments on the weapon prevented the wound from healing, and the damage was too severe to repair.
  • Her liver is augmented with a device for filtering toxins out of her bloodstream. This device is crucial to her survival, as many of the cybernetics create toxins as a result of their function. It likely also saved her life when a local apothecary poisoned her with deadly nightshade. She abuses this device somewhat, in that it prevents her from getting alcohol poisoning easily.
  • There are a multitude of cables running alongside Frances's spinal column and throughout her body. These carry signals allowing her to control and monitor her cybernetics remotely, as well as allowing them to communicate with each other.

These cybernetics are key to Frances's survival, but also pose a very real danger to her health in a number of ways. Her body continually rejects the cybernetics, so Frances must routinely take an immunosuppressant to prevent inflammation and rejection of those cybernetics attached to her biological tissue. They must be constantly maintained, as a failure of one or more of them could easily incapacitate or kill her. The large amount of metal also makes her vulnerable to magic or electricity, and can cause burns to the tissue surrounding it if she were hit by either (and a burn inside your body is exactly as unpleasant as it sounds). Lastly, the weight means she would sink like a stone in water.

Other Universes

There are a few different versions of Frances that have appeared throughout the AJCO story.

Frances now exists only in the Ferros Exodus universe, both as the Doctor and as the original Frances.



  • Frances was originally a shapeshifter, able to transform into an eight-limbed fire salamander when she was badly wounded. This was retconned as soon as the AJCO storyline took off.
  • Don't ask Frances about her monthly excursions into the wilderness.

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