RPs, formatting rules, and where to apply them Edit

RP can be done in a whole bunch of ways, but to standardize AJCO's rps for posting and reading on tumblr, these are some general rules and guidelines for how to make it easy for your scribe to edit and post!

RP guidelines Edit

In MC: Edit

Please use present tense!

smiles, fights, takes

Use action commands when you’re performing an action.

/me picks up a cup --> * Name picks up a cup

End actions with a symbol (* is nice and symmetrical)

/me drinks from the cup* Ahhh. --> * Name drinks from the cup* Ahhh.

Try not to start actions with a pronoun.

/me pronoun does the thing --> * Name pronoun does the thing

Please do not enclose dialogue in “”, your scribe will cry as they remove them.

In Skype: Edit

Please still use present tense.

Action commands in Skype are the same as in MC, but don’t lead with a symbol.

/me dances --> Name dances

Skype versions after 7 will stylize text if enclosed in certain symbols (*, _, ~, specifically). To get around this, type ‘@@ ’ before your entire sentence. Note that this does not work with actions, so please try to designate another symbol for an action closer (=, -, even doubled "").


The pronoun thing should still be avoided here.

PLEASE do not enclose dialogue in “”, your scribe will still cry.

Proper Post Formatting: Edit

Minecraft Edit

Minecraft chat does not usually require extra editing. Names in actions need to be changed, and typoes corrected, but on the whole it is pretty okay just to post, timestamps included.

In fact, THAT’S HOW WE DID IT IN THE OLD DAYS BEFORE /NICK. Also way before that, Nights slaved for hours over a hot stove working day in and day out to bring you Quality RPs, worthy of being read by YOU, THE AUDIENCE. It took a long time. Be respectful of that. It took multiple hours per rp to stitch screenshots together. Here is an example, feat. A_J and Frances and a special golden dagger... (tw violence, stabbing, general hardcoreness...) >click<


[timestamp] Catter: /me KCIKS THE SUN’S ASS*
[timestamp] Nights: Kaja no. Don’t.


[timestamp] * Catter KCIKS THE SUN’S ASS*
[timestamp] <Nights> Kaja no. Don’t.


[timestamp] * Kaja KICKS THE SUN’S ASS*
[timestamp] <Nights> Kaja no, do not.

Skype Edit

Skype requires a little bit more editing than just MC chat does, mostly because we default to using MC chat as our baseline, because it is very legible. Names in actions get screwed up, and are separated but not significantly so, and timestamps can be a little wacky. NOTE: Copy/pasting from Skype 7 and after will result in huge formatting problems! If possible, just screenshot the rp and send the packet of rp to catter, she'll transcribe it for you.


[timestamp am/pm] Aimie Jane: /me destroys the world, again.
[timestamp am/pm] Breyos: A_J, no, don’t.


[timestamp am/pm] Aimie Jane: Aimie Jane destroys the world, again.
[timestamp am/pm] Breyos: A_J, no, don’t.


[timestamp] * Aimie Jane destroys the world, again.*
[timestamp] <Breyos> A_J, no, don’t.


Please check to make sure any of the following people are online (and aware) before you rp if you are not sure you can grab the chatlog or rip from the console yourself! If you know you can record, please add yourself to this list.

  • catter
  • nights
  • crez
  • ash
  • dunc
  • blue
  • val
  • cyborg
  • Heggers


So now someone has a log of your rp! Neato!
If you feel up to editing it yourself, that's cool! If you want to post it yourself, also cool, but please include the 'ajcorp' tag within the first five tags (otherwise it won't show), and if you'd like, use the rp character tags at the end of >this sheet<!
If you don't feel up to or want to edit it yourself, current General Scribe catter would love to edit your rp! Send her a .txt or a pastebin link of your log, and she'll get to it asap!

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