Finn G. Arcadia
Player bandetto
Faction Castle Crew
Species Ice demon / Incubus
Age 33 (appears 22)
Current Residence Unknown
Place of Origin Unknown
Status Missing

Specialty Cryokinesis, Accidental Mass Murder, "Incubation"
Height 5'7", 170 cm (appears 6'2" b/c of 5" heels)
Weight 151 lbs, 69 kg

Finn Ghiaccio Arcadia is an Ice Demon, previously summoned from the Underdark by Curls.

(to be filled in)

Description Edit

Finn is average height (two inches taller if you count his horns) but is heavier than he would be due to his wings/horns/tail. He has a slender face, a slightly pointy nose, and an hourglass figure. He has cryotheum blood and his skin is covered in a thin layer of frost, giving him an icy tint. There is a jagged seam across his stomach which is actually a mouth. He has four claws on each hand, and will occasionally wear gloves.

Personality Edit

Finn comes off as very cowardly and naive, however, he is proven to be actually quite sweet in nature, if not a bit stubborn. He tends to be pessimistic rather than optimistic, but isn't one to give up easily. He blames himself before other people and holds himself responsible for things that sometimes don't even apply to him. He is fiercely loyal to those who have been kind to him, and as such, has a selfless attitude when it comes to things like the Crew. He has a very low perception and clues often fly over his head, so it's best to be direct with him.

Finn is notably more grouchy when he's hungry. Thought not as much in the past, he is easily swayed by the offer of human flesh or blood. He often loses his head in conflict, becoming more feral than intended. In this heightened demonic state, he loses any hint of being timid and is probably too honest for his own good.

Human Life Edit

Up until around the time he was 19, Finn had a pretty normal human life. He lived with his two sisters and worked as an engineer for a space radio station. Being born Cursed, he died in a terrible incident when he was 22. Though he does not remember this, he retained a bit of the mechanical knowledge he gained after his death.

Demon Life Edit

After his first revival as a demon, he did not have any demon characteristics other than his ice magic. In FFL, he met a few people such as Mei and Clovis, and recalls meeting Nights and Crez, though it is unknown if it actually happened or not (timeline shenanigans, you know the deal). He was taught how to better control his cryokinesis by a local wizard known as Miz, who he was dating during the time he spent in FFL. As it always tends to go with him, he ran into very unfortunate situations, and died for a second time. He became trapped in the Underdark for ~10 years.


Finn first appeared in AJCO 9 after Mei's disappearance, when Curls inadvertently summoned him. The Crew took him in, but it was soon proven that he was very dangerous. Even so, he continued to reside with them up until the escort to the Silo, where Finn almost killed a bunch of people (again).

Character Relations Edit

Finn and Mei are apparently very close friends. Finn has an incredible amount of respect for her.

Finn considers Curls to be a dear friend, along with the rest of the crew.

Finn can frequently relate with Blue, seeing as blood moons contain a slight similarity to being a demon.

Finn harbors quite obvious affections towards Nights.

Finn considers A_J, Breyos, and Pythos to be enemies; though, he can't say much, since he doesn't know them all that well. But what happened in the Silo was enough for him.