Block A, Bed J
Player Aimie_Jane
Faction The State
Species Human
Age 35
Current Residence ADEF-FAC
Place of Origin The State
Status Alive

Specialty Pharmacology, Theoretical Physics, Medicine.
Height 5'10"
For the Greater Good


Description Edit

A Ward of the State, Corrective Facilitator, and an uncompromising, dedicated Scientist, A_J is the CEO of AJCO - A_J Correctional Facility. A competent and efficient researcher, she leads the field in her study and application of Anomalous Materials and Void Theory. Her relentless pursuit of scientific innovation in the service of the State and Mother has led her to willfully break apart people, worlds, Facilities, and herself.

She is frail, disfigured by exposure to Void Particulate and has discolored bones, collagen, and connective tissues. Her eyes are entirely black and do not reflect light.

Facilitator A_J has a compliancy record of 98.7%, and has undergone therapeutic re-education once fully, and once partially. She wears a full State Corrective Facilitator's uniform so heavily starched that it creaks.

Personality Edit

A_J possesses an unnatural charm and dark flamboyancy that is unusual in Wards. Whilst rational, reasonable, and measured for the majority of the time, she is prone to outbursts of violent and uncontrollable anger. She is not concerned with personal moral principles or the ethics of her actions and experimentation, believing she is conforming to her State-assigned Mandate. A dutiful interrogator, she has no objection to causing pain and suffering to others in the pursuit of her goals - whether corrective, or scientific.

Like most Wards, she is able to maintain a neutrality of expression and tone whilst interacting with others. She is unfailingly polite and adheres absolutely to State etiquette, even whilst employed with the task of Processing or undertaking examinations in the Friendship Chamber.

A brutal and brilliant individual, she is economical with words and precise in her methodology, but lacks feelings of pity, compassion and charity. She has a diminished sense of empathy and is exploitative of others. A_J is compliant but antagonistic toward authority and will continually, opportunistically assess her superiors for weakness.

She has killed many in her career as a Facilitator. A_J views these deaths as inconsequential and is untroubled by all but one; the death of Facilitator Fairfax.

Early Life Edit

A_J was raised underground in PRI-FAC 26. Her childhood was one of extreme discipline, enforced silence, and repeated conditioning. Akin to most W-Citizens, her birth name, parentage and birth date is unknown to her. Rigorous testing identified her as a capable candidate for the study of Anomalous Materials, and three Furtherances were selected for her. Whilst her childhood was sparse and comfortless, she is, and remains, committed to the ideology of the State.

A_J suffered FAC-Shock when being withdrawn from PRI-FAC 26. Gradual acclimatisation to changes in humidity, pressure, and light-levels to adapt Wards to surface life are necessary are Wards to avoid the syndrome, which causes disorientation, shortness of breath, withdrawal, muteness and acute stress disorder. It is whilst suffering from FAC-Shock that A_J meets Frances E. Graye at the State school for high-performing Citizens and Wards that she is assigned to.

Furtherance Edit

Facilitator A_J has endured three levels of Furtherance. In the State, Furtherance is the educational equivalent of a Master's Degree, reinforced with schedules of intellectual and physical conditioning to modify thought and behavior. The three Furtherances selected for her were Pharmacology, Theoretical Physics, and Medicine. These Furtherances serve to create an 'ideal' candidate for the study of Anomalous Materials.

A_J uses her Pharmacological furtherance in the study of the actions of natural or endogenous molecules on the human body. She is capable of observing and analyzing biochemical or physiological effects of Anomalous Materials on cells, tissues, organs, or organisms. The focus of her research remains the Void Particulate, and she has been greatly damaged by administering a small amount to herself in order to observe its effects. An adept chemist, she can synthesize compounds for medical use.

Her Furtherance in Theoretical Physics assists A_J to rationalise, explain, and predict the phenomena associated with Anomalous Materials. Her research moves quickly from theoretical to experimental and applied physics, and in her first assignment she spends four years in the partially condemned FDEF-FAC weaponizing Void Particulate. The device, which is seized as soon as it is finished, is responsible for the Aeronautics-ONE extradimensional disaster.

A_J 's final Furtherance is Medicine, and is necessary for all Wards with either Pharmacological, Surgical, or Biomedical Furtherances. Though not a Doctor or Physician, she has a license to administer medical aid in the State. Usefully, this enables her to act as an efficient Corrective Facilitator, as she is able to ensure and maintain the fitness of subjects in the Friendship Chamber. She is extremely proficient in her treatment, but is rarely motivated to assuage the suffering of others unless it benefits her to do so.


Void Research Edit

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