Current working backstory timeline for FAIR-CO events.

Note: Events that happen mostly in fic / Extended Universe are in italics.

Timeline Events
12 years ago Chase Halstead approaches Laurence Fairfax regarding the project on Level 6
10 years ago FAIR-CO built / completed
S_R 'collected' by Morrigan Stewart.
7 years ago C_K murders his roommate; saved from the noose by Fairfax
6 years ago C_K full time in FAIR-CO and his conditioning starts
FAIR-CO begins consolidating power.
Formation of original Mothermen team.
5 years ago The State is starting to run into severe difficulties.
Taking of first FAC (Unwards) by FAIR-CO
Statesman (fic) occurs
4.5 years ago State suffers massive military losses.
Loss of most of its active EXO troops. Death of Dr Vachan. Collapse of EXO programme.
Rising civil unrest especially in Civilian districts.
Loss of contact with Outpost 44.
4 years ago Seccession of outlying FACs. Some retaken, some not.
Increasing military incursions at the borders, especially from Dregland areas and Isador.
Taking of Myles Woodrow's AGRI-FAC (AGRIwards)
3.5 years ago Head of the Audit Office, Auditor Morrigan Stewart, murdered in her office.
3 years ago Fall of the Audit Office.
Fall of the City, amidst riots and a firestorm.
Taking of Silo (Breathers)
Taking of Citizen Compound.
Aquisition of Redribbon.
Death of Axe (A_X)
2 years ago Taking of Blondie's FAC
Waye (W_A) defects; hunted down by C_K
S_R found and 'recruited' by Fairco. Formation of second Mothermen team.
1 year ago Undoing of Myles Woodrow's conditioning by the Auditor
End of Silo arc (this is more 'last year' than 'an entire year ago')
START Start of FAIR-CO Arc
Breyos, Clovis, R_V inducted into FAIR-CO
Intro RPs, general shenanigans
3 months Blue Moon Ball

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