There are a number of events on the server. Some are one-offs, but some are a recurring thing

Sexy Sunday Edit

A recurring OOC event, originally started by Pythos, Celest, and Sharky. It involves changing your Minecraft skin to lingerie, swimwear, or other provocative attire, and spending your day on the server like that. There have been many Sexy Sundays, but a few are notable.

Sexy Sunday One Edit

The very first (and still considered the best) Sexy Sunday. Pythos, Celest, and Sharky got bored one night and redecorated AJ's bedroom into a sexy pink and red love pad, and then put on their best lingerie and posed for photos. After that, they visited every major location on the server to pose for more photos.

The Dave-ening Edit

NinaSerena, who used to play on the server and was participating in this particular Sexy Sunday, tweeted a picture of it and attracted the attention of one DaveChaos. He stripped down to his boxers and joined our revelry, not realizing that AJ had some torment in store for him. Thus commenced the chase across several dimensions and no trousers, with the majority of the server hot on Dave's heels. He never came back.

Pride Sunday Edit

Everyone picked a color, and lined up in a rainbow of partially dressed players. After almost an hour of chaos in front of pi-TEC and in Katton. Infamous for being the first sighting of Krauzer's Mankini

The Labyrinth (and other PvP events) Edit

There have been two iterations of Pythos's Labyrinth so far. They are vast underground mazes of 3x3m hallways, full of twists, turns, switchbacks, and nasty traps. They are also always connected to the peaceful Library.

The First Labyrinth Edit

Built underneath Pythos's Evil Cube Fortress, this Labyrinth was made mostly of black warded stone and Mazestone. Its starting point was a lavish ballroom, where Pythos gave her starting speech.

For this event, everyone dressed in Disney character costume. Pythos and Ten were the Beast and Belle, Celest was Kida, and so on.

This Labyrinth suffered from a few design flaws, in that there was a bottleneck at the exit of the ballroom, and the traps were a little too deadly. The killing spree lasted only a few minutes, with player UntoldEdM4n claiming victory in a final deathmatch with AJ.

The Second Labyrinth Edit

This Labyrinth was larger, more complex, and more varied in style, having many hallways made to fit a different theme, and rooms such as a library, a cavern, and an underground forest. It had a somewhat steampunk ballroom as its starting point. It was used as a closing event for the AJCO 8 server.

The event lasted for several rounds, with much more balanced gameplay than before. Notably, Ridgedog joined us for a few rounds of the game, but quit after being killed a few times.

Murder in the World Next Door Edit

Taint Spread Edit

The spread of a deadly virus like magic substance though the and that effected many. The Castle Crew caused and cured this parasite and cared for its victims.

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