Eglatine "Egg" Wynne
Small egg drawn by slightly larger Ziek
Player EggplantWitch
Faction Katton
Species Human
Age 17
Current Residence Teen Mansion
Status Alive

Specialty Attempting justice, being adorable
Height 5' 3
Egg is a prosecutor without a courtroom and the only Lawful Good character on the whole server. She fails to reach her goals very frequently but has never let this stop her, and won't stop searching for ways to non-violently destroy AJCO until it's gone forever.

Description Edit

Small and non-threatening, with light brown skin and lots of freckles across her whole body (though the only ones visible are the ones on her face, usually). She has dark brown hair styled into a curled bob and brown eyes, with long eyelashes. Generally wears dark or monochromatic colours, notably black and purple, and always wears the fedora-like hat she received in the city.

Personality Edit

Permanently anxious and rarely excited but a pleasant person to be around nontheless, as she is exceedingly polite and kind to everyone she meets - up to and including people she loathes (of which there are not many). Comes across as timid but is actually very couragous, willing to sacrifice her own safety for that of others regardless of whether she likes them or they 'deserve' it, and always willing to do 'the right thing' even when she's terrified. It takes a lot to make her angry, but threatening Vinnie or Kube would make it happen pretty quickly.

Her initial reaction upon meeting most people is to like and trust them but since encountering AJCO has learnt to stamp down this reflex - while others trust her to do 'the right thing' she trusts no one, not even her closest friends, and for this reason never fully repays the respect she gathers no matter how much she longs to. In order to be happy, however, she needs to be around those she can mostly trust and has relocated from the Castle Crew to Katton because of this. People tend to mistake her kindness for trust at best or naivety at worst, though it's yet to come back to bite any of them.

Early life Edit

Born in a small village called Marwyck on the chalky coastal cliffs of her home country, she was very sickly as a baby but eventually gained strength and grew up happy under the protection of her parents - her mother, a powerful thaumaturge and skilled potion-brewer, and her father, a merchant selling the wares her mother created. However, after it was revealed that Egg had the Sight (or the ability to see, speak with and be possessed by ghosts) her mother became increasingly protective of her to the extent of obsession. This provoked her into running away from home aged thirteen with naive dreams of finding adventure in the city of St Celine.

She was found sleeping on the street on her third day there by what appeared to be a couple of kindly sisters, who ended up having a shoot-out in broad daylight with members of their rival gang. As Egg had now become a witness and the Fenton Family Gang didn't have the level of police control they later had they blackmailed her into staying, eventually taking care of her pretty well. She met a prosecutor by the name of Mr Adams during her time in the mob, a fatherly man that had also wound up in the service of the Fenton Family through blackmail. When Egg was 16 he conspired with her to flee from the city altogether but the two of them were hunted down and Mr Adams killed. He passed on his badge to her before he died and she too was found - but the sisters who had done the deed let her go, giving her information on how to flee across the border into the State with the promise that she would never come back to St Celine.

AJCO-era life Edit

Barely an hour after making it across the State border, Egg was captured by patrol guards and taken to the nearest facility: AJCO, with the intention of turning her into an Asset. She was still locked in a cell when A_J and Frances caused the whole FAC to fall through the Void into another world, and when they eventually remembered she was there they released her and put her to work. Her advanced survival skills (when compared to the rapidly-diminishing numbers of bunker-raised Wards in the employment of AJCO) kept her alive and out of the Chamber - she was useful. Her nerve lost following the death of her mentor, she refused to speak out against the monstrosities she could see A_J committing but eventually left with Nights and Will when they felt like they were being ignored and unappreciated to form the Castle Crew, where she worked as a farmer and a (pretty bad) thaumaturge.

Castle Crew Edit

She and Nights frequently butted heads over moral issues, with Egg running away to live in Sharkton with Sharky and Dell twice before coming back. During the time of the floating castle she re-discovered an old diary she'd kept in the city, with the prosecutor's badge taped in the back - she now felt confident and healed enough to wear it and start finding ways that she could take down AJCO and make them pay for what they had been doing.

On her wanderings she discovered a bombed courthouse, apparently deposited there by the Void in much the same way as the Diner, and did her best to make it suitable for use. Shortly after Cameo died in the Needle Incident and Egg vowed to avenge their death by bringing A_J to justice - however, AJCO intimidated its witnesses and Frances, A_J's defense attorney, tampered with the evidence Egg was required to show to her by law. When Egg discovered A_J abusing Holar she instead took up his case, accusing A_J of animal abuse.

After A_J blew up the courthouse and sent most people there through the Void into the new world she became the unofficial ambassador from the Castle Crew to Pi-TEC, establishing herself as the 'reasonable' one and constantly offering help to the re-educated A_J. Sensing that the Doctor was hiding something dark, she broke into Pi-TEC with the help of Kaja and Crez and revealed the truth - a truth that ultimately led to A_J and Pi winding up in a re-education chamber. The latter died, and as nuclear missiles were sent at the facility.

Egg spent the next two weeks trapped in the Silo along with everyone else, acting as the Liaison Officer between them and the newly reformed AJCO. This meant that if anyone misbehaved, she would be punished for it. When her rebellion against A_J failed she was sentenced to what was believed to be certain death - expulsion from the Silo.

New Katton Edit

After the crude treehouse she and A_J had constructed was discovered, Egg returned to the Silo to gather her things and then left the Crew for good - Nights no longer led them and Egg was no longer prepared to put up with the mages' arguing. She built a brightly-coloured house with Kube on the south coasts of New Katton and currently lives there still.

She eventually recovered enough from the trauma of Pi's death, the events of the Silo and her brief time hiding with A_J to go back into the Silo and persuade A_J into releasing Vinnie, using copious amounts of flattery and distortion of the truth (much to Egg's distaste). She was successful in recovering her friend, and also managed to persuade Dell and Sharky into accompanying her back to Katton in the process.

She also discovered a badly-injured Cain when on a walk, caught in barbed wire in an abandoned State outpost. As it was likely he would bleed out or starve if left she took him back to Katton and gained his trust, as well as the partial trust of his boss S_K. After being invited to the Deserter FAC she was loaned a book, which had the cryptic handwritten words 'The Room, this might be a bad idea' in it.

She has also encountered the Auditor, Cyborg and Unndis during her stay in Katton, being equally as polite to each of them as she would to any residents of Katton (despite the fact that the Auditor threatened to burn her alive).

Character Relations Edit

Formerly an employee of A_J's and now one of her quieter enemies, though she'll still offer any help she can.

Formerly a colleague of Nights, having been one of the founders of the Castle Crew, but has now left due to the differences in their morals and the stress of being around so many argumentative magic-users. She tentatively refers to the rest of the Crew as 'allies, if push comes to shove', though has never quite been sure about Krauzer.

Good friends with Kaja and Crez since they formed the investigation team, and even more so now they live in the same town. She also considers Cain a good friend, letting him stay at Teen Mansion (or on Teen Mansion, as the case may be) for as long as he needs to.

Best friends with Vinnie and Kube, dating the latter, and lives with them in their house in Katton.

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