Desmond D'Velblom
Player Crezentials
Faction Deserters
Species Human
Age 28
Current Residence pi-TEC
Place of Origin Iswanui
Status Alive

Specialty Field doctor
Height 5'6"

Desmond is a doctor from another country, and comes from a magic-friendly culture. He is currently working for the Deserters.


Description Edit

Desmond stands at 5'7", with somewhat of a sharp build. The remains of a burn scar is visible across his right eye, while his hair is short, messy and dark, with a prickly full beard, framing a set of light seagreen eyes. His face and eyes are very sharp and angular, with a slim nose that flattens out. His arms are notably covered with a series of tattoos that resemble sigils, and there are more on his sides and front chest. There are a couple of nick and scars, but none too significant aside from the faint, neat scar across the top of his chest.

He is DFAB, and FTM.

Personality Edit

Desmond, or Des, is a somewhat snarky, blunt field doctor. He will complain about unfairness, though mostly under his breath. He likes to keep moving and working, and has an odd sleep schedule due to his previous field of work, and will not mind being awakened as long as he gets 7-8 hours of sleep in a day in some form or another. He enjoys contributing help in solving problems or situations, and carries a curiosity for new things. Des has a tendency to berate people for their lack of thinking or common sense, due to his easily irritated personality when patients do not follow instructions as asked.

Iswanui & Magic Edit

Desmond's homeland, Iswanui, specializes in a system of sigil magic, where they write out 'commands' for a spell the perform, such as collecting grime from hands so they'll be clean, transferring pain from one person to another, or encouraging cells to regenerate quicker. Each sigil requires a steady and precise hand; otherwise the spell may fail, or disaster may occur. The spell is triggered with a short "push", such as water soaking the paper the sigil is written upon.

There are several tiers of spells, a low tier spell require a series of simple strokes while higher tiers require more and more sigils ordered in a certain way. The most skilled spellwriters can condense a high tier spell onto a roll of paper, allowing easy usage of the spell. A lower tier spell may only require a bit of kinetic or heat energy, but a higher tier spell can require vast more amounts of energy. Desmond himself only carries mostly low-low mid tier spells, and has the ability to replicate them to replenish his stock.

Iswanui itself is a country that supports both technology and magic, with some exclusions. Thaumcraft and necromancy is strictly forbidden, due to their "polluting and harming" natures. Mostly everyone uses sigil and a variation of witchery, however.

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