D_R 34_749-142
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Player Unknown
Faction The State
Species Human
Age ±22
Place of Origin The State
Status Unknown

Specialty Literature, Linguistics, Secretarial
Rabbit underground, rabbit safe and sound.
— Watership Down

D_R, nicknamed 'Dear', is a young Ward from the underground PRI-FAC 52. He works as transcriber, stenographer and secretary for Minister Vesalius in the original AJCO universe.

He has a single furtherance in 'Linguistics and Literature'.

Description Edit

A frail, lean-faced young man, D_R is the youngest member of the minister's personal functionaries. He wears a black and white uniform, typical for a ward. After previous incidents with other wards committed to the ministry, elasticated- instead of regular ties are now part of their daily uniform as well.

D_R has a deep black scar running from his nose over his left cheekbone as a result of a 'necessary correction' by one of his administrators. Wet ink on his hands gave the scar its dark colouration after instinctively pressing his hands on the wound. A second prominent characteristic, apart from the scar, is his constant trembling.

Like most Wards, D_R has no knowledge of his origins or birth-name. He is mostly seen in the company of Y_R.

Personality Edit

D_R is docile and submissive compared to an average ward his age. He is softly-spoken and reticent. Although highly educated and intelligent, his lack of social knowledge and inability to comprehend non-verbal signals is sometimes wrongfully mistaken for naïvety.

He is capable of creative thoughts and is known to write poetry and fables on the backsides of scrap paper he finds around the office. 'Gifts' like these are rarely accepted by other Wards or Citizens as it might be interpreted as non-compliance. Knowing this is generally disliked, D_R keeps most of his poems and stories to himself or hides them between files and books.

Unlike most Wards, D_R is highly intuitive and, from a young age, has been able to tell right from wrong and fact versus fiction. He learned that when something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.

Neurological damage Edit

An undocumented underground leakage heavily polluted the water reserves of PRI-FAC 52; killing many and leaving the survivors with permanent physical and/or neurological damage. Thanks to the high mortality rate of the Ward children during that time, they were later referred to as 'the lost generation of 52'.

As a result of the polluted water, the highly toxic metals in D_R's blood led to irreversible neurological impairments. The symptoms include constant tremors; affecting the hands and therefrom spreading to other parts of the body; neuromuscular twitching and, occasionally, deficits in cognitive function and seizure-like episodes. These tremors can vary in intensity; depending on different external and internal factors. On good days, they are comparable to low temperature shivers. When having to preform delicate tasks, the end results often lack precision and finesse.

Seizures are less common and often preceded by more severe tremors and periods of decreased cognitive function, sometimes falsely believed to be moments of 'daydreaming'. When a seizure kicks in, D_R does not respond to either visual or audible stimuli and is only to a certain extent responsive to touch, until the episode passes. During that time he is also incapable of speaking. The build up of lactic acid in the cramped muscles generally make these seizures a painful experience.

The Minister's Office Edit

To be filled in later.

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