Curls by Holarctic

Curls as drawn by Holarctic on Tumblr

Player curls101
Faction Castle Crew
Species Human
Age 24-ish
Current Residence Castle town
Place of Origin A couple of dimensions over...
Status Alive

Specialty Witchery, Blood Magic, Being-Unlucky
Height 5'1

Description Edit

Curls is the current witch and part-time blood mage of the Castle Crew. She is known for her distinctive burns that cover her entire back, shoulders, most of her arms and her hands (though these can't always be seen, as a variety of other injuries demand that her forearms are covered in bandages most of the time). Her talents range from messing up every spell ever, to occassionally doing things that are morally questionable.

Physically, she's fairly short. Very long brown hair, and eyes that change colour sometimes, but they were originally light grey. Normally, she wears trousers and a white shirt, some kind of waistcoat thing, knee high boots, and goggles on her forehead. 

Personality Edit

Though it definately was not always this way, Curls often seems exasperated and frustrated. This is probably due to the fact everything has pretty much gone horribly wrong since she first landed in the AJCO universe, from loosing her friends, to being tortured 3 times (and counting). She has a lot of pent up sadness about her past, though no one is really sure the specifics of what actually happened to her, it certainly involved hurting someone she cared about. She is quietly religious, and part of this involves her taking her promises deathly seriously - though that has never really worked out for her either. This also makes her loyal, to the point they would take bullets for people she owes (the main example of this would be Nights, who has saved Curls' life so many times it's almost impossible to ever repay her). Curls can certainly be sarcastic, though mainly when she is already in trouble. Slowly, she is learning how friends work and has begun to open up to a few of her closer Crew-mates. If anyone hurts those people, however, will recieve her neverending scorn (this probably won't do much. Yet.).

It is also very well known (especially to the Crew and AJ) that Curls has a paralysing fear of Endermen. 

Early Life Edit

*~Semi-Spoilers I guess? ~*

Curls (under her actual name, obviously. You didn't think Curls was her actual name, did you?) was born a few dimensions away from the AJCO universe. Here she was the only biological child of Marianne and Louie (ex Arch-Mages of the King), who ran an orphanage known as `Artemis House`. Her parents went into the City often to offer kids on the street a place to stay, who would die otherwise. She was raised here, and tended to be a bossy, active, curious child. None of the other kids (approximately 30 in total) gave her any trouble out of respect for her family. From the age of 5 she started showing an affintiy for magic (by almost setting the library on fire one time, and parting puddles when she tried to jump in them) and so her mother started to teach her to control it.  

*There is more to this period, but it is relelvent to an upcoming RP, so I WILL ADD IT LATER WATCH THIS SPACE*

One day, when Curls was 12-ish, she had been exerting herself overly when she was practising magic so decided to have a nap in her room. When she awoke, Artemis was oddly quiet. Upon exploring downstairs, she found that many of the objects in the house were gone, windows were broken, and there was a stream of blood down the coridoors. All of the other children were dead. Terrified, and convinced she was in some nightmare, she ran upstairs to her parents room. Here, she burst in to find the leader of a group of bandits looming above her family. Attempting to protect them, Curls summoned fire to shoot at him, but it backfired. It burned her arms, as well as the person closest to her- her adopted brother Brendon. Collapsing to the floor, the bandit leader - named Mercy- laughed. Placing his hand on her back, he burned Curls' back and shoulders so they would never heal. 

When Curls awoke, everyone was dead. The bandits were gone. It was 4 days until the guardsmen arrived, and the only thing she could say was "I killed them...". She was arrested, and as they `couldn't find` any other culprits, she was sentanced to 30 acts of murder- a sentance worth life in the Southern Redstone Mines. With the help of some grateful street-kids, she escaped, only returning to Artemis briefly to collect her mother and fathers spare pistols - Kota and Thorian. 

After this, she changed her name and lived as a recluse, studying dimensions. She used this to leave her homeworld and move to another dimension, where she lived in peace. Untill one day a barely-alive Sky-Pirate named Lavender appeared, and the rest - they say- is history

AJCO-Era Life Edit

After trying to show off her interdimensional magic to Lavender and failing miserably, Curls manages to pull them both into the AJCO dimension.

After living alone for a while, they slowly gather information on the inhabitants of the world and Curls decides that trying to build the QTDs- the devices AJ is after- could be a useful.  To cut a long story short, Lavender works out that AJ's allegance is worth more than Curls' friendship, and stabs her in the back. Nights takes her into the Castle, saving her life. 

While living here, Lavender leaves many notes for her, expressing she is sorry. One day, she finally tricks Curls into `going on a picnic` which results in her appearing in AJCO- face to face with AJ. She attempts to find out who her co-conspiritors were, but she persists she had none. In frustration, Lav reveals Curls has a paralysing fear of Endermen and AJ sends Curls to End. This event has never really left her, and left her with a wound full of Ender-venom, which is highly toxic to her and drove her insane for a while. 

Only post-Needle does Curls really start using magic again- focusing her efforts on Witchery. It is around this time she becomes aware of the possiblity of necromancy and bringing people back from the dead- which drives her towards blood magic. This quest makes a lot of things go wrong, from getting Egg possessed by the ghost of the bandit that killed her parents, to summoning a demon when hungover that then could never leave (Finn).

She's had to take better care of herself as of late, but her mystical track-record is certainly looking no better...

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