Player Crezentials
Faction Katton
Species Seemingly Human
Age  ??
Current Residence Katton
Place of Origin Unknown
Status Alive

Specialty Alchemy, thievery, apples
Height 5'4"

Crez was formally a traveling merchant, who has since then settled down in Katton as clerk, though still performs alchemy.


Description Edit

Crez is of a short, stocky build and stands at 5'4". His hair is messy, wavy and long, down to his shoulders, framing a round face. His left eye is blue, while his right eye is green. Underneath his left eye is a small, golden zigzag. His body is covered in random claw marks, as well as a purple tinged mark with small tendrils spreading out from it on his right arm.

He tends to cover his mouth and most of his face with a red scarf, and often is seen with flowers in his hair.

He resides in Katton, with his mayor Kaja. He currently works as an alchemist and clerk, getting around town through trees. He mostly makes medicines, and writes documents for Katton if needed, though in his spare time he likes to draw and categorize plants, garden, nap, and dabble with magics, usually the riskier ones.

Personality Edit

Crez is a nervous, wary person, and has a tendency to listen in and study newcomers to Katton, or duck behind Kaja's wings when she is greeting them. He is rarely seen on the ground, mostly hopping and clambering through trees, petals stuck in his hair. He is rather shy, but can be coaxed with gifts of apples- fruit he much enjoys eating and snacking on, as well as petting his head. He enjoys gardening and taking care of plants, as well as talking to them.

He is easily curious in the study of magics and the biological sciences, and will test them out on his self, with a significant lack of precaution.

He tends to look at most people warily, and has an intense distrust of Nights, A_J, and Mei.

History in AJCO Edit

Crez arrived in AJCO 8, hailing as a merchant with an interest in starting a cafe and flower shop. He didn't make much money as he ended up giving away a lot of drinks for free. Nights rescued him from an unfortunate run in with Frances and A_J, and he began work as her gardener.

Upon the arrival of Mei and Clovis, he realized that he shared a tense and conflicted past with them, and tried to avoid them as much as he could- until Nights broke his ribs and booted him out, then was found by Mei. He escaped in fear and had Nights fix him up, and quietly went back to gardening.

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