Chastity 'Chase' Halstead
Chase, without glove over bionic

Player Skekfaev - Val
Faction State
Species Human
Age 41
Current Residence Fairco
Place of Origin Dreglands
Status Alive

Specialty Bionic engineering

Anomalous Energistics

Height 5' 5"
Chase is the head of Level 6 of Fac n° 272 also known as FAIRCO. It is visible she originates from the Dreglands as she sports a bionic on her right arm and has gathered quite a menagerie of scars, noticeably around her mouth. For comfort of others she is obligated to cover up both with a glove or mask. Whilst her loyalty to the State can be easily questioned it is doubtful she would turn her back to the Facility she in essence helped establish.

Description Edit

Visibly different from the average Fairco employee Chase has done little to change this and almost seems to relish in her assertive looks. With bleak and ratty blonde hair that has been 'cut' asymmetrically it's not difficult to differentiate her from any of the cliques in the Facility. She has a slender but not overly womanly built and eyes that always seem cold and unfriendly. Usually there are dark circles around her eyes either from stress or sleeplessness.

Even more notable features of her are her left arm that has been amputated halfway through the upper arm and replaced with a bionic - those being rather crude and basic prosthetics which are more wired to the muscles rather than programmed and refined like those of the State. This is almost always covered with a glove.

As well as her scarring, mainly on her face with a healed cut from her left mouth corner to her ear and various vertical and keloid scarring over her lips and on the right side of her face. These are almost always covered with a surgical mask, scarf or other.

Personality Edit

Chase is the type of woman who says what she thinks no matter if it's not the right or even politically correct thing to do. This stems not exactly from a social deficiency rather than different social standards as she was raised in a more loose and crude environment.

For her the State is a strange place, even after a decade under its service. She finds it and its inhabitants uncomfortably cold and impersonal, one of the reasons why she does not even try to learn their traditions or etiquettes any more than she has to. She can play State-pretend for an amount of time but can never get rid of her bluntness and unfaltering hate for painfully fake conversations. Friendly, empty banter - especially when faked - is not her strong-suit.

As a result of the stark contrast between her people and those of the State she has become rather pessimistic and dark, often alluding to gruesome or downright disgusting metaphors for little more than shock value. She knows she is revolting to the majority of the State and makes no pretence about it.

While her alliance to the State is indifference at best there is no question that she is loyal to FAIRCO, it's employees not so much.

She is devoted to her work bordering on the obsessive. She has a vision and will see it to completion and shall protect it no matter the costs. She takes pride in her work and has little shame in demanding credit or even compliments for the work she delivers, something she seldom gets.

While she sounds unapproachable and spiteful she can be easily befriended if certain standards are met. Namely intelligence, straightforwardness and assertiveness. The lack of the latter is what often puts her at odds with any type of Ward or compliant person.

Beyond that Chase is oddly enough compassionate and empathic with people around her. While she visibly dislikes it when people around her are scared or upset she does not quite know how to answer this in her current position. Formerly she would use physical contact to comfort them but being looked upon as vermin or contagious she stays put and either waits it out or leaves. Her empathy has often put her in position where she got hurt and now has taken a more resolute stance by distancing herself from people unless she is certain they cannot harm her.

Early Life Edit

For context's sake: Dreglands is a country that is going through a rapid industrial revolution since it was little more than a farming outpost for many decades. Due to it's distrust of absolute figures of power many of it's rules have become more lenient and profitable for outsiders. One of which happens to be child labour though there are regulations set in place to protect children from unsafe working environments and children are paid much more than regular adults. Aside from that there is no real system of marriage in place in the Dreglands or at least not an official one. The only rule regarding that is that children are to be protected and are the responsible of both parents with the only exception being death or banishment. This responsibility take the form of financial support. As such 'Bastard-children' are more often the norm than the exception.

As it can be expected Chastity is the daughter of a man who has had many lovers throughout the years. Due to his higher standing he was capable of sustaining multiple children with different wives. Though she was not as much confronted by him he still kept an eye on her and made sure everything went well. Her relationship with her mother, Ursula Halstead, was a lot closer, even if Chase had several half-siblings on that side as well. Ursula was a stern but loving woman who believed in the power of money and urged many of her children into working at an early age but ensuring education had it's place in their life as well.

Chastity ended up working in Groome's Silk Industry. Her small, delicate hands dextrous enough to thread the silk and weave intricate patterns. However Groome's negligence caught up with them as a badly maintenance boiling kettle toppled, injuring many workers in the process. Most severely Chastity — losing an arm due to severe burns and another boy named Blitz — losing most of his motor function in one arm, blinding one eye and disfiguring part of his face, they were seven at the time.  

Madam Groome, a haughty and profit-driven woman, made the mistake of demanding compensation for the lost silk due to the incompetence of the children directly from the Dreglander's Boss. Buster's aggravation for this blatant breach of regulations was not helped as his right hand man, Big Bucks was Chastity's father. If not for the interference of Aster Hardygrove, a well-established bionic engineer who had befriended one of the Groome sons, Madam Groome might have lost either her life or that of several of her sons. Hardygrove was forced into a position to accept Blitz and Chastity as his apprentices or have the death of his friend occur.

After years Chastity and Blitz proved their worth under Hardygrove and the duo was allowed to work beyond the regular bionic engineering and aid Hardygrove with a secret project only known as 'Project Slaughterhouse' to the public and the knowledge that it would bring electricity to the people rather than the factories. Chase and Blitz swiftly became known as the 'Hardygrove Twins' due to their closeness, same missing limb and slight similarities in built as well as having some similar shades of blond. This nickname was only strengthened after they were forcefully enrolled in the even more secretive 'C.P.' project giving them rather obvious scarring. Unfortunately Hardygrove's interest in the C.P. project quickly waned to focus on the Slaughterhouse leaving the so-called twins with resulting scarring and some health issues.

Despite the results of the C.P. project Chase gained a rather big standing in the Dreglands as an bionic engineer unfortunately all cretid of the Slaughterhouse Project ended in Hardygrove's lap and not a word was spoken of the Twin's rather big contribution. A rather big thing for the Dreglads as it supplied even the poor with sufficient power to live rather comfortable lives.

The relationship between Chase and Hardygrove became severely strained. Blitz kept out of it as he had built his own life and his own projects and was happy with what he had. Frustration of the lack of support regarding continual of the C.P. Project, the building grudge of Hardygrove's credit-mongering and other sources of friction caused a falling out between Chase and Hardygrove that could no longer be contained in the Hardygrove workshop.

Her life on her own could have been comfortable and easily sustainable as a recognized bionic engineer if it wasn't for the deep envy of making her own name known as more than 'a Hardygrove Twin'. She made an easy target for the State Inspectates who busied themselves by removing promising scientists from the Dreglands in an effort to stunt the country's growth. With the mere promise of a successful life in the State she gave in easily and swiftly found herself transported in a truck with many others sharing the same fate.

Pre-Fairco Edit

Within the State she was labeled as just another Dreglands worker. A cheap yet reliable workforce who seldom saw the light of day or interaction. After a swift course on State practices and various threats to keep in line they were pushed to the run-down parts of the Capitol to live in cheap motels and make barely enough money to feed themselves. Chase found herself unable to contact Blitz or even any other of her relatives due to State censoring and cursed herself for her own ignorance.

She worked for a few years as a lowly maintenance worker in a small press, housed together in a small motel room with another Dreglands woman. One who had it even worse than herself as she had studied for surgeon but ended in a janitor position in a hospital.

Ultimately fed up  with taking orders and afraid her name would perish before it was even made she made a blunt move and combined all information she had regarding the Slaughterhouse Project with that of the C.P. Project. A rather direct approach with Fairfax ended up being beneficial for both of them as he raised the money to see her project completed as part of FAIRCO ultimately resulting in 'Level 6'

Fairco Edit

To be added at a later date!

Trivia Edit

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