The AJCO universe is populated by a large and diverse cast of characters. Most select a particular faction to work and live with, but some choose to be alone.

Striked out names mean they are no longer active characters.

The State (AJCO) Edit

Facilitator A_J Edit

The founder and Facilitator of AJCO, a research facility apparently dedicated to Anomalous Materials and human testing. She can be easily distinguished by the gray Void scarring on her face and skin, and her completely black eyes.

Frances E. Graye Edit

The second in command at AJCO (usually), and generally seen as A_J's enforcer. She is a cyborg, with both arms and many of her internal organs replaced with mechanical substitutes. Currently, she is in allegiance with the Deserter faction.

The Auditor Edit

An enigmatic figure, feared by all. Auditors are the State's secret police. They track down and apprehend anyone deemed to be a threat to the State, or anyone who has outlived their usefulness. This particular Auditor is after A_J.

Her lips and cheeks are gone, with a skeletal black grin and cybernetic plates in their place.

Breyos Vesalius Edit

A biologist and vivisectionist from the mirror universe the cast currently inhabit.

Clovis Edit

The resident Medical Doctor in the Silo. A plantoid alien but mostly has the appearance of a human excpet for her gray and red eyes, as well as odd purple veins around her neck, shoulder and mouth. Currently not happy to be with the people in the Silo but she seems to have her own reasons for staying.

The Doctor Edit

Also known as Pi (though never to her face) the Doctor is the mirror universe equivalent of Frances Graye. She was accidentally killed in her own Re-Education chamber.

PythOS Edit

The resident AI of the Silo and pi-TEC. PythOS was created by the Doctor and T.S. A_J to store and catalog information, as well as control the automated functions of the facilities. It is also believed to be connected to an as-yet undiscovered AAT-FAC, Attack Facility. The AI is damaged and malfunctioning badly after being attacked in a revolt during the Silo event.

Asha Vachan Edit

One of the State's foremost Cybernetics experts, Vachan is responsible for the Auditor's visible enhancements, and considerably more besides. Although presumably part of the Auditor's original Void expedition team in the pursuit of FAC-19, her current whereabouts and status are unknown.

Commander R_V Edit

Adrian TelepherEdit

A self-proclaimed State Inspector, Telepher was only after personal gain when he intercepted the automated distress message PythOS sent when it was attacked. Seeking out the source of the call, he has now travelled to the Silo, and has been incarcerated at arrival by Facilitator A_J and Breyos Vesalius. He was released from confinement after offering his help to repair PythOS.

Private D_N Edit

An unusually scruffy Ward, claiming to be associated with 'the boss' and of currently-uncertain origin. Found in a ditch by Adrian Telepher.

The State (FAIR-CO)Edit

Facilitator Laurence FairfaxEdit

Mathematician and Ward Behavioral Psychologist. Current Facilitator of FAIR-CO Anomalous Energistics.


Captain of the Mothermen.



Chastity HalsteadEdit

Bionic Engineer.


Unward oracle.

Castle Crew Edit

4_2 (Nights) Edit

An Asset of the State (formerly the engineer of AJCO) she formed the Castle Crew. She is both ruthless and amoral but cares for her Crew deeply, and will go to great lengths to protect them. Through years of living with those brought up "normally", her hard edges have now softened slightly.

BlueSky Edit

A blue winged wolf from the Aether, whose wings have been injured to the point that they no longer work. She's learning thaumaturgy with Krauzer's help and is attempting to bring him out of the dark and into the light, though only time will tell if she actually succeeds, as well as owning a large valley garden in the Castle Town. Good friends with Curls's cat familiar, Brendon.

Krauzer Edit

Studies and practices thaumaturgy, also goes by the title of 'Asshole Mage'. Teaches Blue and has occassionally shown genuine affection for her but is, for most of the time, argumentative at best and downright evil at worst.

Lavender Edit

The pirate from another time. She was once a great air captain and though a dimentional rift, fell though to the world ajco was residing at the time. She has since left to find new lands but still has a home at the crew.

Curls Edit

Long-suffering witch (and occasional blood mage) of the Castle Crew. Known mostly for being covered in burns that can never heal, and for her ability to mess up magic. She is incredibly loyal to Nights (almost ridiculously so) and the Crew has slowly become her family. She currently has a cat familiar called Brendon, whom she and Blue have become incredibly attached to. 

Officer Lartin Edit

A child of a citizen and a deserter of the state, he now affiliates himself as the chef of crew.

Ranger Edit

The elf of the crew. With natural healing magic she has saved some of the crew many times over and the Castle Crew owe her a great debt. When it came time for her to find her own blood family she had trouble leaving her new found family.

Finn Edit

A young demon struggling with his own eating situation he was summoned by curls while she was drunk and stayed with the crew as he guard. He left soon after A_J manipulated him into trying to attack his friends and has not been seen since.

Raziel Edit

A young man that fell from the skies, he know owes the castle crew a debt for nursing him back to health after his battles and magical accident from another dimension. Will this teen deside to stay with the crew to make them his new family after he's repaid this debt? Will the crew welcome him into their ranks? COMING SOON.


State Deserters Edit

S_K Edit

Self-proclaimed leader of the Deserters, S_K works to keep her followers under a close eye and lead them in an effort to break the State in it's current form. While incapable of trust she has come to rely on Lartin and Cain as valuable allies in a war she is nearly certain will come. Armed with a rifle at all times and deadly creativity she is an individual to be cautious of.

Cain Edit


Tybalt Edit

The first SHARK. He tends to be nosy and difficult to deal with, not answering questions and resistant to being fixed. He was built by Pi, and ran away shortly after his creation. He eventually discovered FAC 91. It is mentioned by Cain that he had been hit in the head, leading to some memory loss. Due to this, Cain used some of the memory from the FAC's original AI to replace the missing memory. Upon meeting Pythos, some of the lost memories returned causing some strange behavior.

Desmond D'Velblom Edit

Hailing from the distant country of Iswanui, Desmond, or Des, is a field doctor that currently works for the Deserters due to the lack of survival skills in a warzone.

Katton Edit

Kaja Edit

The mayor of Katton, resident Guardian angel of the server. She's friendly with the Crew, less friendly with AJCO employees, and amicable to pretty much everyone else. She wields magic when available, and carries a big sword for when it isn't.

Crez Edit

The clerk and alchemist of Katton, with itchy fingers that may occasionally delve into snooping and 'borrowing'. He is wary of most other factions, and mainly trusts whoever Kaja trusts, with some exceptions. He wields potions, occasional magic, and uses mostly light weapons. He may have a crush on his mayor.

Lorelei Edit

Lorelei owns and runs the bar in the middle of Katton. She is rather friendly to all who come to her bar or that she meets Katton. Farmer by day, singer by night.

Vinnie Edit

Crashed a stolen spaceship they'd taken out for a joyride with Kube into the land near Old Katton, stranding themselves in the process. Not as academic as their friend and arguably even more loudmouthed, they're friendly to those close to them and a brat to pretty much everyone else. Had their throat ripped out by a blood-crazed Finn and was saved by ambrosia, only to spend the next few months in a medical coma as their new heart tried to grow over the old one.

Kube Edit

A cactus-like plantoid alien and Vinnie's best friend, occassionally acting as more of an 'older sibling' figure despite the fact that they are younger by several months. While not particularly eloquent they've shown an interest in one day being an Ambassador of the Inter-Galactic Federation, helping to resolve conflicts and help all manner of species across the universe, and have labelled themselves as such during their time on the planet. In terms of personality they are, like Vinnie, loud and excitable and prone to rushing into situations without really thinking it through, but generally well-meaning.


Golden Edit

Unaffiliated Edit

Mei Edit

Mei is an ancient, undead canine mortician from the same land Clovis and Crez are from. She specializes in most things involving death, including running her crematorium and holding funerals for the deceased. She is married to Clovis, and seems to have hostilities towards Breyos. Recently, she had an untimely trip to the Void, and with her return, struggles to recover the memories she had.

Hector Edit

A Void aberration with shapeshifting capacities, gone AWOL in recent months. Affiliated with the Doctor and a smuggler for resistance groups in opposition of the State. Presumed to have history with the aforementioned after an altercation with the Auditor showed he was susceptible to voice commands. An erratic behavior, unpredictable temper flares and poor impulse control make him a dangerous individual to deal with particularly because of his proficiency in combat and significant physical strength. A penchant to defy authority hint at possible coping mechanism from being Conditioned in the past.


CB (or Cee), is a being from a relatively distant world. Technically an escaped convict, he wandered the planet he'd crash landed on for some time before running into the strange collection of houses and buildings that comprised AJCO and the Castle Crew. Dragged along unwillingly into the void with them soon after, he has spent much of his time in the new dimension avoiding conflict with anyone. He is currently building a complex with his close friend Unndis, with an aim to create a space center, and perhaps venture back out into space.

Cyborg Edit

Cy, otherwise known as Cyborg or her full name Predicted Unit: Cyborg is a young female cyborg who has spent the past few years shipwrecked on a jungle island after fleeing from the Deserter camp before sailing back towards the mainland and getting shipwrecked again - this time in Katton. She doesn't remember an awful lot of what she was doing before ending up on the island and so is wandering the land to try and remember who she actually is.

Sharky Edit

Dell Edit

Unndis Edit

Unndis, a wisp turned human (though only her friend CB knows this), is a wanderer and adventurer who always seems to run into her old friend time and time again. She specializes in thaumaturgy and loves to learn new magic tricks. Before coming to this new world, she feared a being she called Mother, but now somewhere new, Unndis believes that maybe she has finally got that monster off her trail. She now lives in an area that she and CB have built together in a very mountainous area far away from others, which is kind of a pain if she had to be honest.

Lysdritch Yan'Ra Edit

Lysdritch, also known as Lys or dubiously Dr. L.YR, is an elf who suffers from an unfortunate condition. At the accademy of their home world, a healing spell went terribly wrong and Lys began dying. This quickly escalated to necrosis and generally being very zombie-like. Forced on a "Sabattical" Lys began exploring the world of being mistaken for an undead-scourge. Which led to Necromancy because Lys never had the best reactions to events. After falling asleep in a cave, Lys woke up in a completely new place (world), found a rather fleshy Island to call home and has even built a Clinic for anyone with magical injuries (or are dead).

Egg Edit

Teenaged prosecutor living with her friend Vinnie and datefriend Kube in a vibrant mansion on the south coast of Katton. Inept when it comes to socialisation but is gaining greater powers of persuasion and manipulation of the 'good' sort - she persuades people to like and trust her because she is, in fact, genuinely likeable and trustworthy. Refuses to let things like grudges and hatred stop her from helping someone that needs it.

The Border Machinists Edit

Thyme Edit

A engineer and miner from the North East, Thyme is on a search for any leads to locate her mentor who disappeared years ago. Specializing in mining and robotics, shes currently working with a strange group of people along the boarder of the State. With no friends and a cautious and introverted attitude, what lies ahead for her is unclear.

Corus Edit

A young welding apprentice from a land far outside the State's reach, she is currently continuing to learn at the Border. Easily recognisable by her black and orange welding outfit, messy hair and grumpy attitude.

Will Heggers Edit

Former mechanic and engineer of the Castle Crew. He worked as Nights's apprentice when he still worked for AJCO and left alongside her when she decided to form the Crew. Getting uncomfortable with his friends aggressive and insane ways it lead to a scuffle after which he was banished from his home and from his friends. Introverted to the core and rarely leaves his workshop but can generally be relied upon to offer his friends a hand if they ask for it.


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