Player Ebansu
Faction Katton
Species Human
Age 19
Current Residence Roof of Teen Mansion, Katton
Place of Origin Outer Rock, State Fringes
Status Alive

Specialty Machinery, Robotics(!?)
Height 5'8
Cain is a young engineer, hailing from the Eastern Fringes of the State, in the Pi-Tec Universe.



Cain was born out in the Eastern Reaches of the State in the Pi-Tec Universe, technically land staked out by the State itself, but mostly left to its' own devices (with plentiful tribute of course) due to the inhospitable terrain and relatively few plentiful resources or interests to the State. Cain grew up with no knowledge of either parent, raised instead by his grandfather, the Chief Engineer of the Outer Rock Mining Facility, a State-subsidised mining compound responsible for the retrieval of silicon and other necessary elements from beneath the surface of the sands. These materials were needed for the increased technological progress of the State. He was therefore raised in a fairly technology-heavy environment, left to himself for days at a time as his grandfather worked. Following a childhood of mostly self-sufficient technical learning, during a goods shipment and Inspection of the facility, Cain's Grandfather got the child he had raised as a rough approximation of a son the opportunity to be tested for a Furtherance in Industrial Machination, which he was able to progress through with very little difficulty, working with such devices for near-17 years at this point.

Nearly a year later, the incoming goods from the State ceased. The large population gathered around the mine, barely self-sufficient for a quarter of their number, began to starve slowly. As the inflow of additional parts dried up, more devices around the facility and surrounding small village began to break, including the three large furnaces keeping every building warm during the cold desert nights. As the Chief Engineer, one of few still remaining as others escaped off into the desert, or fled back to the State itself (without success), Cain's grandfather ascended the large furnaces, attempting to repair them the best he could. This resulted in his death, a brief, violent affair involving the fumes from the leaking, cracked furnaces and the small winched-platform he had taken up to repair them, or rather the fall from it.

Within a day, following a night of freezing in one of the few buildings remaining with power, Cain ascended the same furnace, climbing the warm outside, an air mask and tank strapped across his back to avoid the mistakes of the previous generation. Following a job well done, or at least without substantial mishap, Cain descended to find a stubby experimental State weapon buried neatly into the sand, near the middle of the small village and corpses everywhere, crowding the streets and slumped as they fled from the houses. Yellow gas clung to the air, an un-natural taint that burned at his eyes as he fled, away from the desert and into the State itself.


At some point, weeks or months later, Cain stumbled into the path of S_K and the Deserters and was taken in by S_K as their somewhat-unreliable engineer. During this period, after a few weeks of staying with them, he found the damaged form of TYBALT, wounded by some kind of weapon shot to the head, by the looks. In Fac-91, due to its' ruined state, the AI of the facility was unresponsive. Thanks to this, Cain was able to use some scavenged memory from the near-destroyed AI to repair TYBALT. This had no negative consequences whatsoever.

As well as befriending TYBALT during this time, Cain also attempted to become more competent with a weapon, forgoing lethal weapons such as those preferred by Lartin to equip a needle-rifle of non-lethal darts. He did not make much progress and is still not a brilliant shot.

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