Player BlueSkyWolf09
Faction The Castle Crew
Species Sky Wolf (aka. Aether Wolf)
Age 19-20ish
Current Residence The Castle Crew Village
Place of Origin The Aether
Status Alive

Specialty Plants and Trees, Novice Thaumaturge, Source of Fluff
Height 5' 7" approx
It was an accident!

Description Edit

Blue is an anthropomorphic wolf with sky blue fur and blue eyes. She has a pair of large white wings, but is unable to use them to fly due to an injury to her back. She's always growing new fur and feathers, meaning she sheds constantly throughout the year. This makes it quite obvious if she has been somewhere. Her fur is very soft, very fluffy and very thick. It's hard to tell under all the fluff, that Blue has a slim build with surprisingly muscular legs. Her upper body strength is lacking, but she has a kick like a mule and can run and make jumps easily.

Blue tends to walk around upright on two legs, but often goes onto all fours for running. When on all fours Blue runs exceptionally fast and can maintain that speed for a good amount of time making her hard to catch.

Personality Edit

Blue is quite optimistic and tries to keep herself happy. Very much a huger, she doesn't seem to grasp the concept of personal space and has to remind herself not everyone wants to be hugged.

She used to think she'd made friends with anyone she'd met. After a few run-ins with The State, it was made clear that this wasn't a very safe view on life. She's still friendly, but a bit more wary around strangers. Once introductions are out of the way (and a person is deemed not part of The State) she warms very quickly to people.

Early Life Edit

(Authors note: I didn't have much of a backstory planed when I started playing Blue. What's written here isn't really accurate anymore and needs to be re-written at some point ~x )

While Blue was born in The Aether, she was only there for the first year of her life, and remembered nothing about it. During a terrible storm, a dimensional hole was torn in the fabric of the world, through which she fell. The hole was quickly sealed behind her.

On the other side of the hole, she landed straight into the arms of (for want of a better word) a demi-god, who was in the process of sealing the hole that had appeared in his world. Having already sealed the hole, there was no way for him the send Blue back. Not wanting to have to deal with this problem, he dumped her on the first people he could find and flew off.

AJCO-era Life Edit

Arrival and first days Edit

The explosion from The Needle was so large, it had an effect on Blue's world. In another instance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she yet again feel through a dimensional hole, landing in the current world. Unlike last time, rather than landing in someone's arms, she landed in a pile of mud in a swamp.

After managing to get herself clean and finding some food, Blue was lost for what to do. In the far distance, she made out a light blinking and decided to head for it. The light was a radio tower that had been placed at the top of a large jungle tree. Just as she sat in the branches wondering what it was and what to do, she heard voices floating up from the ground. She could just about make out three figures through the leaves, talking about the lights making a trail. Looking to the north, Blue could see this was indeed true. Unsure on how to approach these people, she opted to head towards the next light. By leaping from tree to tree, she reached the light first, but was struck with a sudden feeling of foreboding and hid in a nearby tree.

The three were two humans, and another canine. Blue stared at him, having never met another person even vaguely like her. She realised one of the humans was looking directly at her and quickly moved deeper into the branches. She didn't normally feel like this but something about that human worried her. Those eyes...

Curiosity overcoming her concern, she followed the group at a distance, staying in the trees. She watched this group meet and talk with more people, but didn't really understand anything they were talking about. When the conversation was over she continued to follow the group to a village and hung around the outskirts for a few days, unsure on how to start a conversation.

Joining the Crew[1] Edit

One day Blue ventured into the AJCO village, when she fell of a roof into the sheep pen and found herself face to face with Holar. Egg appeared mid conversation and Holar unceremoniously dumped Blue on her. She led her to the village the crew were staying in and Nights allowed her to stay. When the crew decided to head to the site of the new castle, Nights invited Blue to come with them, an offer which she happily accepted.

Magic Edit

Blue has natural magic ability, magic is in her blood, but she's never had any sort of proper training and doesn't have much magical knowledge, going off instinct and what 'feels right'.

She's only recently begun to learn the branch of magic known as Thaumaturgy with help from Krauzer.

Blue once made herself overload on magic by eating a considerable amount of essence berries. She's promised not to do this again.

As with most creatures of the Aether, Blue can walk on clouds. To her this is as normal as walking on the ground. She just doesn't normally do it cause she can't fly up to them, though a high enough mountain would do the trick. She also seems to posses elemental wind magic, but has never had much of a need to use it.

The Moon Edit

The moon can have different effects on Blue.

Full Moon Edit

When a full moon is in effect Blue's eye's start to glow. Physically she remains the same, but her magic becomes more powerful.

Blood Moon[2] Edit

Blood moons drive Blue completely mad. She forgets who she is, who her friends are and becoming incredibly violent. Her fur turns a dark blue, her eyes become red and glowing, and her teeth and claws grow and she becomes twice her normal size. When she wakes up the next day she’s very weak and sore, and can’t remember what she did during the night.

Blue Moon Edit

-Dat- miss-ng-

Character Relations Edit

She's very close to all of the Crew, considering them a kind of family. She is especially attached to Nights.

Being the first person she spoke to in this new world, and being the first other anthro canine she'd met, Blue liked Holar. The feeling was not mutual.

Due to them both being canines and the similarities in their personalities, Blue gets on really well with Mei.

Breyos is pretty much the only person Blue has shown hate towards. The first time they met something smelled very off about him and as if she wasn't upset enough over the news of Holar's death, the way in which he spoke about Holar proceed to rile her up even more.[3] She doesn't like the way he looks at her.

Blue has forged a close friendship with Curls's cat familiar Brendon. This is helped by the fact that, while he is connected to Curls, Blue is the only one who can actually understand him when he speaks.

Cy stumbled across Blue's garden one day and found Blue herself in a tree.[4] After some rather confused shouting, the two quickly became friends and took off to the Silo together. This venture didn't end well but Blue still considers Cy to be a close friend and was a little sad to see she wasn't going to stay with the crew.

Trivia Edit

  • Blue has a large fondness for tea. She grows her own tea leaves and makes tea for everyone on a regular basis.
  • It's a running joke that every time she meets someone new they call her a dog. The only people who didn't do this were Breyos and Cy.


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