Samuel "Blondie" Hawkins is FAIR-CO's resident helicopter pilot, and as such is in charge of aerial scouting and occassionally chauffeuring Fairfax himself around the land. He gets on well with pretty much everybody and uses his charisma to cultivate friendships and alliances with residents of each of the cliques. Most of what people think they know about him is wrong.
Samuel "Blondie" Hawkins
Player EggplantWitch
Faction The State/FAIR-CO
Species Human
Age 28
Current Residence FAIR-CO
Place of Origin The State Capital
Status Alive

Specialty Piloting choppers, deceiving the hell out of everyone
Height 6' 3"

Description Edit

Tall and wide and very distinctive. At 6'3" he's one of the taller residents of the facility and could beat most of the Mothermen in terms of physical strength, though maybe not the AGRI-FACs. He's usually found wearing his dark grey uniform, which features blue epaulettes with three distinct stripes that mark him as an experienced pilot. However, his most recognisable feature is the one which he gets his nickname from, namely his wild mop of bright golden hair. He has a short, borderline-stubble beard of the same colour.

Personality Edit

His outwards personality is relentlessly cheerful, boisterous and outgoing. When he speaks with other people the language he uses tends to shift - e.g. becomes more formal and precise when speaking with the Clerks, quieter and slower when with the Breathers or sloppier and more slang-filled when with the AGRI-FAC workers. All groups generally agree that he's a nice guy who respects their interests and listens to them - and most groups tend to think they're his favourite. This is no accident.

The above is not exactly a charade as much as it is his normal persona turned up to 11. He rarely dials it back down to his natural levels, but when he does it's clear that he's a lot more thoughtful and perceptive than he cares to let on. He's a master at reading in between the lines and picking up on unspoken thoughts, and at adding all the little clues together to figure out what's really going on. He's also extremely vengeful, which would be the biggest surprise of all to the people who only ever see the personality he wants them to see.

Early life Edit

Blondie was born and raised as a Civilian in the State capital, which made his upbringing rough and dangerous but certainly a lot more free than that of a Ward or Asset. His parents were good people who did their best to spoil him, allowing him to keep stray dogs and share his rations with other children. His mother seemed to have many friends, which he later learnt were fugitives from State justice and by helping them she got herself sentenced to death. His father remained and to his knowledge still remains, and eventually managed to help him get a job in a facility which researched and developed new aerial technology.

Blondie acquired his nickname while working in this facility, as well as what felt to him like the biggest family he'd ever had. The Facilitator was a kind man and while not all of Blondie's co-workers were particularly friendly, he never had any real complaints the entire time he was working there. Even after the State started to crumble their facility remained steadfast, until one day the power went out and the Mothermen arrived. The kind Facilitator was executed in front of them, and once arriving at FAIR-CO all but a handful of Blondie's co-workers went downstairs and never came back up. Despite how he acts, he has never forgiven Fairfax for this.


Blondie now works as FAIR-CO's only helicopter pilot, taking good care of the chopper and the team left to him, which consists of only two Wards from his previous FAC named A_C and D_C. He has quiet and private dreams of rebellion, of overthrowing Fairfax and replacing him with someone better, but knows that such a thing would be impossible... for now. And for as long as this remains the case he will bide his time, and keep listening.