"I am an Auditor.

I am the cutting edge of Mother's disappointment.

I am the Chain around your neck." - Morrigan Stewart

Audit is the process by which State elements are put under extremely fine - and often lethal - scrutiny, to determine if the charges and accusations brought against them are true, and what should be done about it. Audit can be declared against a Facility, group or individual, although it is more likely to be focused on one person; for Facilities, this is generally the Facilitator.

Commonly viewed as a form of capital punishment with an inevitability of the Audit assessment reporting Failure, it should be noted that Audits are not always lethal. While there is a very high chance that someone will be severely Corrected, Reclaimed or killed as a result, this can also be the person responsible for the main denouncement - if they are found to be deviating from remit more strongly than their accused.

A common method of execution for individuals under Audit is being burned alive on an Icarus Tree.

Auditors Edit

There are roughly a dozen Auditors in post at any one time; one assigned to each Ministry, one Head of the Audit Office (who mostly deals with the political role of the Office), and the A25 position - which has only ever been occupied by Auditor Stewart - and functions as a cross-department role, and deciding voice in inter-office disputes.

Auditors are the only people capable (or at least... authorised) to use the Gordian Interrupt.

Types of Audit Edit

Known Instances Edit

Asha Vachan Edit

Doctor Vachan has been Audited twice, and spent a lot of her later years in the State narrowly avoiding a third. Her first Audit, at age 26, was performed by Auditor Stewart, who identified the young Vachan as someone of Interest to her. She made sure that Vachan had declared loyalty to her, and then got her punishment reduced to severe Correction, rather than death.

Vachan's second Audit came just after the defection and escape of the original Quatermaster System. This prompted a period of intense suspicion over the Cybernetics field as a whole, and neurological interfaces specifically - and focused on Vachan herself. She was denounced as a destabilising influence and an aberrant, but due to the intervention of Auditor Stewart, had been transferred to the responsibility of the new Auditor Woodrow just before the announcement was made public.

Woodrow, known for his particular dislike of Wards, eventually found in her favour, in significant part because her accuser was a Ward. Her extensive augmentations were declared a result of commitment to remit, rather than deviance, although she was banned from developing a system as integrated as the QM1 ever again.

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