What are assets? Edit

An Asset of the State is the slave class. This work forces maintain and assist in all aspects of state life, from cleaning to advanced mechanical repair. Assets are given identification numbers ranging up to 4 digits (1_2_3_4 is how it would be written).

Each asset would be conditioned to obey orders given to them by a superior.

Types Edit

Types of assets are determined on how they became an asset.

Born assets Edit

Often used in FACs, Born assets where the product of 2 assets breeding but are unfit to be a ward due to their parentage. These assets are often trusts more than Reformed or prisoner assets and therefore are often put in charge of teams of assets.

Reformed Assets Edit

Previously one of the other State Classes a reformed asset was branded later in life due to a crime committed. These are often Citizens or civilians.

Prisoner assets Edit

Branded once captured by the state, prisoner assets are not born in the state and have been take because of the war. These are often soldiers that have surrendered and have been re-educated to be useful to mother.

Role in the state Edit

Assets are assigned at a young age to learn of the job they have been assigned. They learn on job from older assets so they may work alongside said asset or replace them. These jobs are often the jobs no one wants, such as cleaning, maintenance, or hazardous work. Assets are not considered skilled labor, for the most part, nor are they likely to be trusted with anything important unless there is significant risk and the task can be trained for in a short time

The first assets where prisoners “contributing” to society for their crimes.

Identifiers Edit

Asset 42

Assets come in all skin tones and accents due to some being Prisoner assets. Often physically strong due to the manual labour they were white cover all suits with identifiers of rank and type. Each asset is also branded

over the lips with their identifying number. Assets are easily identified and rarely speak, when they do it is shushed and quiet.

Depending on where an asset is assigned they will appear differently. FAC Assets are often pale and extremely intolerant of sunlight. Where as city assets that care for maintenance of outer areas will be tan and unable to see well in the dark like a FAC asset can.

Behavior Edit

There are several hidden aspects to an Assets life that few non-assets will know of. Many assets learn to use gestures and subtle cues to speak, often seen as nervous fidgeting instead of communication. Known gestures include pointing toes to indicate something or warn someone that another is coming, Forehead touching to indicate affection when alone, using hand gestures in loud or busy work areas to avoid shouting and risk correction or execution. Assets will often only verbally speak among themselves in the private of a bunk houses. There has been exceptions to this however in some individuals.

Assets will also give each other names due to the lack of one. These nicknames are only used by other assets. Occasionally reformed of prisoner assets will know their birth names and will go by that but the majority of assets received their name for a trait or behavior they show. (For example: Asset 4_2 was given the name Nights for her unusual habit of staying awake at night)

*Due to the diversity of FAC and City teams as well as prisoner assets there are always exceptions or variations.

Notable Assets Edit

4_2 "Nights"

8_6 ( of The World Next Door AU)

4_7 "Silver fingers"

6_3 "Clack"

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