Adrian Telepher
Player the_cheesy_one
Faction State (practically)
Species Human
Age 46
Current Residence ADEF-FAC
Status Alive, imprisoned

Specialty guile, gathering information
Height 5'9"

Description Edit

Inspector Telepher is a middle-aged man defined by a long face, black combed hair and a pencil mustache. He is nearly always seen donning a brown pinstripe suit, and a condescending sneer. He is moderately tall and thinly built, lacking bodily strength in any regard. He also has two metal prosthetic fingers, his right index and middle finger. These are simple replacements, and do not have any further cybernetic enhancements.

Arriving at ADEF-FAC under the false guise of a State Inspector, he is after the secrets and knowledge of the State. Intercepting the PythOS distress call sent at the time of its destruction, he saw his opportunity and traveled from his previous hideout to ADEF-FAC in the hope of learning more about the State from the destroyed AI. Upon arrival, however, it became clear that his destination was far from abandoned. After meeting Facilitator A_J and Breyos Vesalius face to face at the Museum, he is was taken to the Silo as their prisoner, since they highly suspect his business there is not legitimate.

Personality Edit

Intelligent and sharp of mind, Telepher's lack of physical prowess is compensated by guile and insight in the human psyche. He is a man always longing for more knowledge to gather and secrets to learn, wherever it may lead him, and whatever it may cost him.

Class and grandeur are held high by the Inspector, as this was his lifestyle before he fled his home country, and he will always try to appear greater and more important than he is. He believes that manners are an essential human trait, and stands on it if it doesn't pose inconvenience to his plans of action. This ideal often leads him to make misjudgments, though, as he expects others to hold this kind of etiquette as well, and they may not deem it very important.

Telepher does not believe in violent force to accomplish his goals: it has never been something he would be capable of, with no physical force to exercise. His ways are usually those of deceit, feigned kindness and befriending the people he needs.

Life before AJCO Edit

Telepher hauls from a country neighboring the State, where he used to be a private detective in high circles. He lost two fingers in a case resulting in the uncovering of a large occult group, and has harbored a fear of magic ever since. During this career he became highly corrupt, working for criminal syndicates to cover their tracks and make sure the law caused as little interference as possible, while being thoroughly funded by them for his efforts in return. His life as a private detective ended when his corruption was exposed, and he had to abandon his home to escape imprisonment. He holed up in an abandoned history museum close to State borders, from where he caught PythOS' signal with improvised radio equipment.