The AJCO server and universe has spawned a large amount of creative writing. Here is a collection of some notable works, listed by author.

Adding New Entires Edit

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Please use the following format:

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  • Short synopsis blah blah words. (optional)
  • Cast:
  • Warnings:
  • Word count (optional)


Note, please add a warning for the following, even if minor:

  • Injury (especially hand trauma, eye trauma, throat trauma, drowning or suffocation)
  • Medical themes (especially needles)
  • Gore
  • Sexual themes
  • Death

AJ Edit

Pressure Edit

  • Canon
  • A_J and Frances made some mistakes in their study of the Void
  • Cast: A_J, Frances
  • Warnings: Needle
  • Words: 650

Untitled Edit

  • Dubiously Canon
  • Frances came back from the Void changed. A_J's cooperation had to be ensured...
  • Cast: A_J, Frances
  • Warnings: Suggestive, Vague Sexual Themes
  • Words: 400

Know By Rote Edit

  • Canon, Worldbuilding
  • Cast: A_J, Frances
  • Warnings: Dissection (dead animal), Mention of Violence
  • Words: 450

For The Greater Good Edit

  • Canon
  • AJ’s Character Sheet. A sketch of the dystopian world that she and a handful of others are from and a portrait of her as a woman.
  • Cast: A_J, Frances
  • Warnings: Hand trauma, Mention of Drowning, Surgical Instruments
  • Words: 2000

Pythos Edit

Winter: Edit

  • Canon
  • Frances finds herself alone
  • Cast: Frances
  • Warnings: Blood, Injury, Minor choking
  • Word count: 300

Entomancy Edit

Because Ento, everything has esclated and there is a lot of this. Mainly in 3 series of stories, these are archived both on the AJCO archives tumblr and also this spreadsheet keeping track of everything Don't Stick Your Arm In It: AJCO Edition.

Smoke and Ashes Edit

Originally intended to be the Auditor's backstory, explaining how she came to be pursuing A_J, and how she got there; this has now expanded out of all original plans.

Now a semi-AU series of stories set in a version of the original State world, and what happens in the timeline where the Auditor does not manage to continue her pursuit of FAC19. Following Dr Asha Vachan, her companions and the still-unfolding legacies of her own creations; there is civil war brewing in the streets and murder on the City's breath, and just getting out of this alive is going to be difficult enough.

Statesman Edit

Once you've found one leg of the trousers of time, there's always going to be another.

Statesman is set five years ago in the current RP world (the 'Fairco' timeline) and follows this-world's Cesar Castell, his demotion and transportation to Outpost 44 - "The Crag" - which is dismal, desolate, and considerably more complicated than he ever would have thought. Rebellion is brewing under the island colony's jagged skin, and he is very, very alone out here.

Bring down the walls.

RP canon Edit

Various short stories, scene-sets and ficlets that exist as part of on-screen RP canon, not just the Ento-EU. Starting with:

Closer Than You Think Edit

  • Canon, Worldbuilding
  • Back in the State, there are watchers everywhere, although not every intention is the same.
  • Cast: The Auditor
  • Warnings: Mentions of Violence
  • Words: 1100

Celest Edit

The Ghost of AJCO Edit

  • AU
  • An urban legend about a mournful ghost in the bowels of an abandoned facility.
  • Cast: A_J, Requiem, Frances, Ten
  • Warnings: Death
  • Words: 800

Untitled Edit

  • Good question...
  • Frances and Requiem have some alone time.
  • Cast: Frances, Requiem
  • Warnings: Sexual Themes
  • Words: 320

Egg Edit

Diary Journal Thing Edit

  • Canon, Journal
  • Egg gives her view on recent events
  • Cast: Egg, anyone else involved in major RP
  • Warnings: Mentions of Violence
  • Words: Varies from entry to entry, usually no more than 1000

Ghost Stories Edit

  • Canon
  • The space teens invite Egg to tell them a scary story on the heath
  • Cast: Vinnie, Kube, Egg
  • Warnings: Mentions of Strangulation, Mentions of Murder, Violence
  • Words : 2600

Nightmare Edit

  • Canon
  • The death of the Doctor leads to violent nightmares
  • Cast: Egg, Kube
  • Warnings: Blood, Nausea, Mentions of Death
  • Words: 1000

Death's Domain Edit

  • AU
  • Egg is banished from the Silo, and takes the easy way out
  • Cast: Egg, the Goddess of Death
  • Warnings: Death, Mentions of Suicide, Mentions of Violence
  • Words: 500

The Common Enemy Edit

  • Canon
  • Egg is banished from the Silo, and A_J follows soon after. But not to the death everyone expected
  • Cast: Egg, A_J
  • Warnings: Mentions of Violence
  • Words: 1200

On The Roof Edit

  • Canon
  • Cain and Egg have a conversation on the roof.
  • Cast:Egg, Cain
  • Warnings: None
  • Words: 1400

Captured Edit

  • Backstory
  • After fleeing the city, Egg goes from the frying pan and into the fire.
  • Cast: Egg
  • Warnings: Violence
  • Words: 1500

Programmed Edit

  • Backstory
  • A conversation takes place between a young Egg, and an unfamiliar moustached man.
  • Cast: Egg, AU Telepher
  • Warnings: None
  • Words: 1500

Cameo Edit

Ziek Edit

Origin of Consequence Edit

  • Dubiously Canon
  • A girl finds a carcass, and an unlikely friendship is born
  • Cast: Frances, A_J
  • Warnings: Dead Animal
  • Words: 1300

Sharky Edit

House & Home Edit

  • AU (AJCO Elementary)
  • The brats play house, or something.
  • Cast: Frances, Requiem, Nights, Egg, Sharky, Ten & Ziek

False Starts Edit

  • holy shit i forgot i wrote this. oh my god. what the fuck
  • Cast: Requiem, A_J
  • Warnings: too hot for tv

Silver Edit

Val Edit

Path to Treason - S_K backstory Edit

The story of how S_K fell from State graces and how she became the cold, unmoving woman she is today.

Part One: Soldier Larvae Edit

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • S_K is assigned to her FAC
  • Cast: S_K, Richard Solomon
  • Warnings: None, for now
  • Words: 1500

Part Two: Offense and Introductions

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • FAC34 is opened
  • Cast: S_K, Richard Solomon, C_R, mentions of others
  • Warnings: Animal death, animal abuse, light violence
  • Words: 2000

Part Three: Value of Gold

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • S_K watches the Officer doing his work as she awaits her appointment
  • Cast: S_K, Double Oscar, Synott Cesare
  • Warnings: Torture (device : Heretic's fork), burning, creepiness, mentions of old-fashioned medical practices
  • Words: 1800

Part Four: Match me sip by sip.

  • AJCO pi-TEC universe, roughly 20 years in the past.
  • A trade negotiation is made.
  • Cast: S_K, Synott Cesare
  • Warnings: Creepiness, Forced actions, Bad language (f-word)
  • Words: 700

Agtheo Edit

The Boy from the Crag - D_N backstory Edit

"Surviving one tour of duty in a suicide squad could be considered merely incompetence; two, perhaps fortune – but three?  Three is a pattern."

Part 1: Can't fight the System Edit

  • Canon, Worldbuilding
  • One of Dr Vachan’s experimental alumni is tasked with investigating a remote outpost from the Golden Age of the State.
  • Cast: D_N, Marco Garvoldi, Dr Vachan (mention)
  • Warnings: Mentions of violence; suicide mention
  • Words: 3600

Part 2: A Life's Worth

  • Canon, Worldbuilding
  • An Ostrander Division Sergeant ruminates on her own life choices while the squad’s newest recruit talks about his own.
  • Cast: D_N, Sarge, Marco Garvoldi, The Quartermaster, K Dub, Big J_D.
  • Warnings: Violence involving minors; suicide mention; blood; death; injury; gore
  • Words: 6700

Part 4: Fail me again Edit

Written by Val, as part of festive fic swap, but part of this series

  • Canon, Worldbuilding
  • In a State Correctional Facility, Officer Synott Cesare has some difficulties with his new bodyguard.
  • Cast: D_N, Synott Cesare
  • Warnings: Violence, death, starvation
  • Words: 1800

Benny Edit

Smoke-worn teeth Edit

  • Poetry
  • Cast: The Auditor
  • Warnings: Smoking, fire, death, the State

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