Also known as the Silo.

Description Edit

ADEF-FAC / AJCO Defence Facility, also known as the Silo, is a concrete bunker in the Pi-TEC mirrorverse that State-alligned characters currently inhabit.

Previously abandoned, the self-sustaining FAC had a brief period of utilization as the site of the Technical Sergeant's dangerous Void pathway research and as a storage site for vast quantities of toxic chemicals. It remains the secure location of the region's AI, pythOS. Now irretrievably flooded in all but two levels, the Silo is a hazardous, humid, rotting underground complex full of the State's cruelest minds.

Purpose Edit

The original purpose of ADEF-FAC was as a regional FAC defence structure. In the event of a catastrophic attack or hostile chemical bombardment, personnel from the region's Facilities (FAC 314 Pi-TEC, FAC 91, and the as yet undiscovered AAT-FAC) would be required to evacuate and sustain themselves in the shelter. Designed to accommodate both State military in the area and FAC non-combatants, the Silo has communal dormitories for personnel and an office level intended for Facilitators and other high-ranking Facility staff.

The Silo houses the region's overseeing AI, pythOS, and an advanced, operational Friendship Chamber for the maintenance of morale amongst the sheltering individuals. In the event of an attack, authority over those in the Silo would have been assumed by the Technical Sergeant. The Silo possesses full documentation on its operational procedures and the strict governance rules recommended by the T.S.

The Silo was hastily assembled from pre-cast concrete, and whilst functionally impenetrable, it has flooded.

The Silo Event Edit

After the death of the region's Warden, Doctor Frances E. Graye 'Pi', pythOS begins its automated search for an new Warden candidate. In the event that no suitable party can be found, a hostile action will be assumed to have taken place and the area will automatically be subject to nuclear and chemical bombardment. Several volunteers step forward, but none but Facilitator A_J meet the requirements to become the region's new Warden.

Bereft and grieving, A_J refuses the position and the fate of the region is sealed. Those present evacuate to ADEF-FAC and await the automated area bombardment. Pi-TEC is struck directly by a nuclear missile, and is devastated.

The Silo is sealed, and A_J assumes command of it, with Egg being chosen by her peers to act as the ADEF-FAC Liason Officer. TBC

Post Silo Event Edit

Residents Edit

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